Poem: Drowned in sound

I wrote this poem a few days ago.   I tried to get an unusual rhythm going with the meter.  The subject is abstract of course.   It concerns the nagging doubts and fears that you don’t want to discuss, address  or give name to.  It’s as if by doing so, they may become more real.  Though by suppressing them it makes them even more nebular and scary.  You can’t win really.  But the point is that they don’t win.

A Crab Nebula - or a Black Hole


I start to sieve silt from my crowded house

There’s too many ghosts in this soft machine

They vie for attention

And beg for a mention

I feel myself helpless to contravene


 The constant drip drip of these nagging thoughts

 They  won’t let me be – they just want their say

They whisper and rustle

They bluster and bustle

  I try to submerge and  keep them at bay


They beg to address me – engage me in chat

 They just want importance. They want some form

 They long to break free

 To impersonate  me

 But can I hold out and weather this  storm?


 They quite rightly sense that I can’t set them loose

 They  pinch and creep up especially at night

 I keep  drowning them out

 As they scream and they shout

 I won’t let them out and cross into the light.

©L. M. Roberts


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11 thoughts on “Poem: Drowned in sound

  1. Thanks slpmartin! I’m just experimenting with all sorts of poetry at the moment. When I read it back, it sounded a bit…… but no, mustn’t go there..mustn’t let them out lol!
    Thanks for taking the time to comment – appreciated!

  2. I’m not sure why I like this poetic experiment (perhaps the internal rhymes) and do agree w/slpmartin. Thanks 🙂

  3. Thanks Dustus! My next experiment involves Haiku, something I’ve never done before. It’s good to try something new – thanks for visiting always appreciated!

  4. I think that yr experiment succeeded like mad.
    I trust that you learned from it after kinda giving voice to kinda giving voice to those things…well, you know.
    thanx again. I can relate.

  5. Thanks namelessneed 🙂 They still pop up from time to time….but I know them for what they are now. Thanks for visiting and taking the time to read – its appreciated 🙂

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