This Poem is just up your Street!

Over here (England) our favorite soap Coronation Street recently celebrated its 50 year anniversary with a tram crash!  Why? well, because we’re like that up north:-D   Wrecked buildings, homelessness, death, injury, theft and resilience were the order of the day.  The residents rallied round – and the Christmas spirit reigned (well, in some households) regardless. The oldest residentContinue reading “This Poem is just up your Street!”

Book Review ‘Wedlock, How Georgian Britain’s worse husband met his match’ by Wendy Moore

Just finished reading ‘Wedlock‘ by Wendy Moore.  The rest of the title says it all really: ‘How Georgian Britain’s worse husband met his match’.  The lady in question was Mary Eleanor Bowes,  daughter of a very wealthy coal magnate who died when she was only 11.  Intelligent, confident, wealthy and quite nice looking, the young MaryContinue reading “Book Review ‘Wedlock, How Georgian Britain’s worse husband met his match’ by Wendy Moore”

Happy Birthday Dear Jane Austen!

  Today is the 235th birthday of British writer Jane Austen b. 1775 -1817.  In her short lifetime Austen completed 6 books.  I have read all of them, and have to say that Pride and Prejudice is my very favorite (followed closely by Emma).  To celebrate her birthday see my Echostains which explores her portraits. Meanwhile overContinue reading “Happy Birthday Dear Jane Austen!”