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Poem: Bloodrush

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'Infernal' by Lynda M Roberts BA Hons

My father came from a huge family, consisting of 7 brothers and one daughter.  The competition and arguements among them was fierce.  Through tracing my family tree, I have been able to find all my many cousins – and the stories and memories abound.  We have all agreed to forget about what happened in the past generation.   Our time is now and we shall not carry on like our father’s did.  This poem is about this:-


Track back starkly

Sarky, in the womb

Like home.

Sticky winged,

The flies have flown

The birds have left their nests

We are confessed

The total of

The left – behinds,

To soar and swoop

The scattered cups of squabbles

Left behind

By blind people

Who, by default

bestowed the gift of light.

And with our might

We shall congress


© 2010 Lynda M Roberts

Freeflow Poetry ‘Reality?’

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'Bearer' (mixed media) by Lynda M Roberts


 This is an experiment I did from The Artswebshow.  It was great fun!  What you do is tune in to the music and just type – let that poetry run free in a free-flowing way.  It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t rhyme (half of mine doesn’t, in fact you can see the self-consciousness in the first half where it does;))  Please try it – you will be surprised to see what happens!

Darkness lightness – going for the middle path

Searching, –  reaching  in the aftermath

The every why and wherefore

Halts and hesitated


Never mind the aftershock

Of the small I AM

Stony fields of upright spires

And tall decaying trees

Rivers of a doubtless time

Which never wipes its feet

Gravel paths to nowhere

A hothouse sanctuary

And breath to blow you porridge with

Escapes and races free


Hesitating –



© Lynda M Roberts 2010