Haiku: Three for March

It’s the first day of Spring!  Here’s something I wrote when Spring had sprung a few years ago 🙂

There is a lot of Haiku poetry around.  Yes I know it’s been around for thousands of years – but I’ve only just started really appreciating it!  To think, is to do in my book.  So I thought I might have a try.  Haiku is a Japanese poem which is composed of three unrhymed lines of five, seven and five syllables.  The poem is usually about an aspect of nature.

This type of poetry is not as easy as it looks.  Though economical on words, it becomes obvious that each word has to count and convey something.  Apart from these constrictions – there’s no restriction of expression from what I can see.   I feel that it is the essence of the poem that is important.  So, seeing as I have written recently about March, the March hare, white rabbits, fertility and rebirth…..


The hare stares back and 

Kicks against the  febrile moon.    

His sap has risen


The Interloper

Verdant energy

Bursts through the slumbering darkness

Yet casts no shadow


Yellow and green


No words worth saying

Ullswater – less, Narcissus

Springs unfettered.



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The hare image is from a tee-shirt available here

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