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Poetry Challenge The Arnolfini Marriage

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It’s day 7 of the my person challenge to blog each day for a week on Bookstains.  As I haven’t put a poetry challenge on for a long time I thought that today was a good as time as any.  The Arnolfini Portrait is a very famous painting, painted on oak panel by Dutch artist Jan Van Eyck in 1434.  The painting is also known as The Arnolfini Wedding, The Arnolfini Double Portrait, The Arnoldfini Marriage and The Portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and his wife. 

Giovanni Arnolfini is presumed to be an Italian merchant, posing with his wife at his house in Bruges.  The painting is considered to be one of  the most original and complex paintings and a lot of illusionist painting techniques were used in it.

The challenge is to write either a poem or a Haiku about the painting.  More detailed information can be found about this painting if you need inspiration

How to enter;-

1.  Write your poem and link it to Bookstains (and a mention).  You include the button if you want.  All poems are themed so make sure that your poem is appropriate  and make it CLEAR that  your poem is for The Bookstains  individual challenge if you are also entering it in a challenge elsewhere.

2.  In return for linking with me I will put your poem on Bookstains, mentioning your site and Tweeting your poem.  I will also promote your poem at the end of any post I write on my art based blog echostains.

The poems can be in any form including Haiku.  They can be as serious or as humorous as you like.  One liners won’t count 😀

The Arnolfini marriage  image here

Poetry Challenge: And then he/she kissed me

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This poetry challenge is based upon the very famous painting by Gustave Klimt – ‘The Kiss.  This iconic painting with its rich layers of gold and stylish sensuous lines emits opulence.

The woman is especially depicted by turn as emotional joy bringer, temptress and child bearer.  The bodies fused together as one emphasis their unity.
Klimt loves hands and uses them expressively in his paintings. Also his use of gold, entwined couples and …..”(read the rest of my post on echostains about this painting)

The challenge is to write a poem or Haiku about this painting using he/she/.  It can be as short or as long as you like BUT it must be written for this particular challenge and linked to this challenge only.  You may use the image as a link if you like, but the challenge must be linked to Bookstains. 

That’s all there is to it.  I will add your poem to this challenge page, plug your blog and give it a tweet.  I will also update my echostains blog when a new poem arrives.  Good luck with this one – it should be very interesting indeed!

Happy birthday Gustave Klimt (read my post about Klimt and his paintings on echostains)

Image from here

The first poem is a Haiku and comes from the darkly Gothic Wendy Woo who has a wonderfully mysterious blog – please look!


A kiss of dear death

Sweet black lips caressing

Withdrawing last breath

© Wendy Woo 2011

Happy Birthday Edward Lear! Plus Poetry Challenge ‘Stuff and Nonsense’ Limerick

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Today is the birthday of English poet, artist and  illustrator Edward Lear(1812 – 1888).  He is is most famous for his limericks which he made popular and his literary nonsense writing.  Among other poems ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ is probably one of his more famous.  He started his working life as an artist and illustrator and in 1832 even worked for the London Zoological society, providing illustrations of birds .  He drew and painted throughout his career and even wrote travel books as well as publishing poetry.  His poems are irreverent and poke fun at life, people and even himself. 

So, in honour of this poet who provided many with much amusement, the challenge this time is in the form of a short Limerick.  If you don’t know what a Limerick is – here’s some examples by Lear;-

 There was a Young Lady whose chin,
Resembled the point of a pin;
So she had it made sharp,
And purchased a harp,
And played several tunes with her chin.

There was an Old Man of Aôsta,
  Who possessed a large Cow, but he lost her;
  But they said, ‘Don’t you see,
  she has rushed up a tree?
  You invidious Old Man of Aôsta!’

There was an Old Lady of Chertsey,
Who made a remarkable curtsey;
She twirled round and round,
Till she sunk underground,
Which distressed all the people of Chertsey.

More about Lear here Lear verses here and also here

The rules are simple;- write a short limerick about anything, the funnier and quirkier and sillier the better (as in the style of the 5 lines Lear limerick). 

Link to this post and challenge by a direct link and mention clearly which blog the challenge is from (Bookstains) and I will put it on the page, tweet it, link to it and give your blog a mention. 

You can use the button if you want  – that’s all there is to it, so don’t forget to link.

 To start off – here’s one I wrote earlier ( I have taken liberties with it 😀  – but alls fair in Limerick land.  If you look at Lear’s examples you will find the last word of the first line are identical to the last word of the Limerick – mine isn’t)

The blog with the strange quirky name

Has great hopes that it shall shoot to fame.

It’s an interesting blog

Which will keep you agog

‘It’s my favorite!’ I hear you proclaim!

©2011 Lynda M Roberts

Well, here’s the first one (two really)  they are  from Jessica from Jessicas Japes who has a most interesting and highly original blog full of very individual poetry and prose – please take a look!

There once was a girl called Jessie,
Who was forever so damn messy,
She dribbled her coffee,
Then snorted a bogey,
And licked up both from her dressy!

© Jessica D’Angelo 2011

(And here’s a more adult one – so click away now if you’d rather not read it!)

There was a girl called Cunny,
In bed she was oh so funny,
She did love to lick,
It gave her a kick,
Ms Lingus was such a hunny!

© Jessica D’Angelo 2011

(Both were inspired by Lynda’s post about Edward Lear over at Bookstains)

The next contribution is from Adam Dustus whose Onestop poetry blog is a must for poets who love poetry and poetry challenges.  To read his other contributions to the Bookstains challenges just click his link to me 🙂

There still lives a girl in Hoboken
Who normally showed no emotion
We both fell in love
Thought it fate from above
She stomped on my heart until broken

©Adam Dustus 2011

Here is a GOTHIC (you have to whisper that word in a Vincent Price voice) from  Wendy Woo who has a beautifully dark and sensuous blog which I’m sure you will LOVE!

Goth limerick

There once was a girl who was goth

At the mouth she began to froth

She suddenly wheezed

Then she quickly sneezed

And coughed up a  little moth!

©Wendy Woo 2011

Poetry Challenge ‘Favorite (or least favorite Things)

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This poetry challenge is based upon a poem (well a bit of tomfoolery) I wrote ages ago and forgot about.  But the idea for the challenge was inspired by Jesssica’s Japes wonderful poem ‘My Least Favorite things’.  The challenge is simple – just write a poem to the tune/rhythm of the song from ‘The Sound of Music inspired by your favorite or least favorite things.  To start you off, here’s the first bit of the Julie Andrews version.  In case you don’t know how it goes – here it is on video.

My Favorite Things (From The Sound of Music)

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things!

Cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudels
Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
These are a few of my favorite things!

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eye lashes
Silver white winters that melt into spring
These are a few of my favorite things!

When the dog bites, when the bee stings
When I’m feeling sad,
I simply remember
my favorite things
and then I don’t feel so bad!

(Lyrics from here)

OK here’s my version……

Priests in white dresses
With black satin lashes
Rogan Josh curry
In splishes and splashes
Old folks that croak
When they;re trying to sing
These are a few of my favorite things

Figs and leaves soap and Lush bath ballistic
People who bounce and remain optimistic
Sober striped wasps that fly past and don’t sting
These are a few of my favorite things
When the shoes pinch and the roots show
When I’m seeing red
I always remember my favorite things
And then toddle off to bed

©Lynda M Roberts 2010

How to enter

 Write your poem and link it to Bookstains (and a mention).  You can include the button if you want.  All poems are themed so make sure that your poem is appropriate for the Bookstains  Poetry challenge if you are also entering it in a challenge elsewhere. 

For example; ideally Van Gogh would relate to that artist and his life or his paintings in some way and Favorite things would be set to the tune ;Favorite things.

In return for linking with me I will put your poem on Bookstains, mentioning your site and Tweeting your poem.  I will also promote your poem at the end of any post I write on my art based blog echostains.

All poems  will be copyrighted to you of course.

The poems can be in any form including Haiku.  They can be as serious or as humorous as you like.  One liners shall not be accepted 😀

Thanks to  for the video

Here is the post which inspired the challenge – it’s from the delightful Jessica’s Japes – a blog filled with witty poetry and prose.  Always a delight to visit!

Raindrops on dry hair and whiskers on granny
Dull boring lectures and warm lager bubbly
Soppy and gossipy girlfriend who clings
These are a few of my least favourite things

Cream colored knickers and burnt peach turnovers
Cheesy ringtones and cold pizza leftovers
Old bra strap which at the worst moment pings
These are a few of my least favourite things

Slim girls in cute dresses with model like wiggles
Red spots that sprout on my nose and brown freckles
Dark hairy hunks who bore me in evenings
These are a few of my least favourite things

When the cat purrs
When the bird sings
When I’m in a fine mood
I simply remember my least favourite things
And then I don’t feel so good!

© Jessica D’Angelo 2011

Our next contribution comes from Adam Dustus of The Dustus Blog, Novelist, Poet and Graphic artist – a great site for poetry, prose and poetry challenges – and it’s all to be found HERE!  Here’s his very original take on the challenge:-

My Favorite Things  Sounds Like Life

Imagine an author rejected by agents
Piles of manuscripts rot in the basement
Trying to capture what’s lost through no means
Sounds like life music through lines that he dreams

Expressing emotions through vectors and color
Writing too much ’cause he can’t find a lover
Many see Jesus as resurrecting
Sounds like life music through lines that he dreams

Breakdowns through trauma; forever seems fleeting
Bombardment of images won’t equal feeling
Being original is poetry
Sounds like life music through lines that he dreams

And when the avalanche comes down
As our carnival leaves town
We still search for a reason through time…
Exhaling sad sorrow
Don’t cry for tomorrow
Sing onto death
Sounds like life

(repeat ad nauseam)

©Adam Dustus 2011

The next poem is from Olivia from Olivia’s In-Mind Whirls She has several blogs full of poetry and writings –  always worth a visit!

What I love about these challenges are poets different interpretations.  We are all so unique and this really shows when it comes to poetry (which makes it all the more interesting I think) Our next poem comes from Kavita whose wonderfully creative blog ‘How I write, is mine – How you read, is yours’ is well worth visiting!

Tough Weakners

White butter clouds
hanging oh so playfully
From silver chords
wound ’round sky’s own old pulley
Azure heavens
crisp and pure as can be
Kissed and nudged
by weightless zephyrs on sea

Caramel swirls
of a sweet salted delight
Set off alarms,
sizzle and make me feel light
Milk chocolate layers
that melt on my tongue
From moody
dungeons back now I have sprung

Voice so rich
like deep bass amidst clamor
Eyes that pierce
right through my heart’s hard armor
Dense shadows
of lashes dark, curled and long
And trembling
transparent like some frail song

If I can do
I sure will do
All that’s in my power…
To blow a few bubbles and indulge myself
In this warm sinful shower

©Kavita 2011

Here’s a gorgeous soothing poem by Stephanie who has started a lovely poetry blog ‘The Attic’ which promises to be a great hit – so please check it out 🙂

I’m Leaving for Dreams

Curled on the blanket with tucked teddy Turtle
sung wailsome worry and back breaking hurdle
time is undone under silver moonbeams
this is the moment I’m leaving for dreams.

Eyes bright with fervor and passionate longing
heart beating harder and whispers imploring
when slipping under the warm bubbling stream
this is the moment I’m leaving for dreams.

When I go dreaming, relief’s that I’m leaving
walking on clouds to the soft steady breathing
granting, the silence invites me to scream
still it’s the moment I’m leaving for dreams.

When the head aches, when the heart breaks
when the day is done
I simply remember
I’m leaving for dreams
and then I don’t feel so sad.

©2011 Stephanie McManus

Poetry Challenge ‘American Gothic’

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‘It’s American Regionalist artist Grant Wood‘s birthday today and it’s being celebrated over on Echostains!  American Gothic is one of the most iconic painting in the USA.  Much has been written about this painting, but in some ways it remains an enigma.  To read about the artist Grant Wood please see my corresponding post on echostains

The American Gothic House - also known as the Dibble house



Wood  got the idea for the painting American Gothic from a cottage he saw which had been built in the Gothic revival style.  The cottage can be seen in the background with its gothic upper window.  Wood tried to imagine the sort of people who would live in such a house.  He decided upon this rather stern and prim looking couple (modelled upon his own sister and his dentist).  The man holds a pitchfork and stand besides his spinster sister – though some see these two as man and wife.  if you look closely, the pitchfork shape is echoed in the farmers overall, the shape of the window behind him and even the shape of the mans face..  The pitchfork represents hard work.  Nan (Wood’s sister) is the model for the farmers spinster sister.  She is dressed in a Colonial print apron which mimic 19th century Americana.  American Gothic has been parodied a great deal, but I thought it would be challenging (and fun) to write a poem about this picture.  The poem can be long, short, a Haiku or even a limerick.  How do you see this couple?  kind? threatening? secretive?  Make the poem as serious or humorous as you like.  You may use my American Button if you want to 🙂






Grant Wood

Usual rules apply;

The idea behind the challenges is to publicise Bookstains  –  as well as having creative fun, so it is imperative that the poet link to Bookstains to further the challenge so you MUST have a URL.. BUT, echostains is about communication – so this is a two-way street:

 In return for your poem  (which is always accredited to you) your poem is copied to the challenges particular page which is open indefinitely and the poets own website mentioned with a link and the poem critiqued on not only Bookstains but also on the poets own blog or website.  I shall give your poem a Tweet on Twitter to further promote it. I also update my Echostains blog frequently, regardless on what  the post is about –  I mention  if there is a new poem in the challenge. 

Please note – and I only mention because I have had some of these….. If you wouldn’t put the poem on your own blog, please don’t send it to mine and expect me to promote it.  This is a genuine challenge – so please play fair 😀

Images from here here and here

The first one is a Haiku by Jessica’s Japes – a great blog full of poetry and fiction which will make you think – and smile 🙂

Small town rhetoric

Defending dated dogma;

Progress bypasses

© Jessica D’Angelo 2011

Here’s a humorous one from Pamanner’s Blog by WordyWoman! Her blog is  about poetry, relationships, life, nature, and whatever else procreates on her computer screen.  Worth checking out 🙂

forget Mary and

your four kids

keep staring at her

perky milk jugs I

swear I’ll find a

new use for that



©Pamela A. Rossow

Well I stared and I stared at this painting for inspiration, and I looked into the couples faces hoping that they would tell me their own story.  I had a bit of a job getting them to spill the beans but don’t let those closed faces fool you – there’s a lot going on behind those net curtains:-

On your way stranger!

There aint nothing for you here.

You’re only courting danger,

I’m king of this frontier!

You’re talking to the fork!

And it won’t hear no blaspheming!

You’d better start to walk

(My sister – stop that screaming!)


Compose yourself my dear!

We just don’t want no trouble.

Supplies will last all year

And we got more than double.

Remember when the law came by

Twas I that they did question.

Then you produced that hot meat pie

That gave em indigestion.

I aint seen no missing folk!

I told em loud and clear.

Yet still they all would prod and poke

Which filled me full of fear.


Stranger why you standing there?

Be gone into the rain.

And while you ride, just say a prayer

That you don’t  pass this way again.

©Lynda M Roberts 2011


Our next poem comes from Val Erde  (Absurd Old Bird) who plays with words and images.  This great blog  features her very original art and interesting writings – worth visiting!


One day you’ll find
a husband, he’ll help
with pitchin’ hay….
keep you out of my hair
for all the livelong day.
His name may just be Wilbur…
Wilbur? Are you crazy?
Hush now sister, don’t be
frettin’, I only said ‘maybe’.

Just stand there
with your pitchfork,
I’ll hold my stomach in.
Is that a smirk
upon your face,
or just a silly grin?
Your glasses they be slippin’,
slippin’off your nose.
I sure do wish I’d thought a bit
‘fore puttin’ on these clothes.

The apple pie is cookin’,
the cottontail’s been shot.
Uncle’s in the cellar
heatin’ up the pot.

I heard a noise from yonder
and thought it was the rain.
You heard it wrong, it’s cousin Orson
going down the drain.
I chopped him up this mornin’,
with camphor on my nose,
all the bits were washed right down
except for Orson’s toes.

I put them in the pie bowl
and filled it to the brim.
Come now brother, raise a smile,
or folks will think we’re grim.

D’you like the little pattern
that’s on my old brown dress?
I can’t afford a new one
but hate to look a mess.
Your hair’s been gone for decades
but your overalls are neat,
Uncle! can you hear me?
I said turn down the heat!

Uncle cannot hear you,
the pot is boiling dry
I’ve tipped the remnants of his
guts into the pan to fry.
They’ll go nicely with the onions
nicely with the corn,

but best to put his bones to rest
before the break of dawn.

We’re just an average couple
Average to the core
The sun is shinin’ on our house
There’s fresh paint on the door
We found ourselves an artist
to paint us nice and neat
and when he’s done we’ll cook him
And then we’ll be replete.

Copyright © Val Erde

This contribution is from Adam Dustus who has the most wonderful poetry blog, full of challenges and delights!  Well worth checking our here AND with the added bonus of actually hearing the poems read by the author!

Approximately 650 miles from Winesburg, Ohio
Much nearer sticks to hospitable care
When boring wood lampooned beliefs
You may feel free
Bury me there

Ulysses & Grant would go home again
Iowa forgiving prodigal pride
Blond Emily Dickinson stares into oblivion
Poseidon’s prop gripped by father time

Behind them lies someone’s home
Spring arresting American plum
Sprouting hawthorn of unmentionable kinds
Reckoning they did die here too

©Adam Dustus 2011

Our next unique poem is from  poet and writer Jenne Rodey Andrews who has several blogs here and they are all well worth checking out too especially if you love poetry!

You search those sere faces
for any quiet declaration
like laugh lines
of wincing,  spending
mutual hunger
Just as holding the porcelain tea cup
on your knee in its quivering saucer
at Aunt Bessie’s just so, Mother watching,
Uncle Roy slumbering in the family graveyard
under the Sandia mountains
You wondered
about the rosy Venus  she had surely been
having conceived strapping sons
now a yew-crooked hostess pouring oolong
in mute and tremulous decorum

So it is with American Gothic
Miles, or Jared.
He stands composed, in solemnity
as if he slept in his suit
and had never cracked a joke
in all his days
And she, Naomi,  or Mary+
had babies via
spontaneous combustion
A pop of the tractor’s exhaust pipe
and presto
an infant in a christening dress
in the drawing room hand-hewn oak cradle
and everyone singing, old pipe organ
belching resurrected dust
shall we gather at the river.
Now or later.
One day in the country
an old man I knew went running
down the road talking to his hands
shaking them
as if they were bound with cobwebs
At his back
his small, plain clapboard house
the lawn freshly barbered.
Then I saw the coroner’s van
pull in and I conjectured
that she who lived behind the curtains
unwrapping store-bought cinnamon rolls
every morning
Had settled into the good sleep
under the quilt she and other
girdled Lutheran women made one spring
in the hen-house coffee-scented
ambience of farm wives
But did those hands of the archetypal
rural patriarch
that grip the trident of his pitchfork
in that painting that scares us all
about the Puritan strain
we bear within us
Ever please her
ever tend, placate
or wipe away a tear of hers.

copyright Jenne’ R. Andrews 2011



What I love most about the challenges is how everyones who participates brings their own  special  and original style and interpretation to the poems.  This next one is by Olivia from
Olivia’s In-Mind  Whirls is called ‘Conflict’.  Please be sure to visit her blogs 🙂
Aspiring Big throughout our lives;
Then losing it all at once!
It may be an American Lifestyle
To Me, it’s a Gothic trance.
I am left with this pitch- fork-
To dig my own grave..
It may appeal to you as American,
But I live in a Gothic cave!
© Olivia 2011
Another wonderful poem has entered the challenge!  This one is from Kavita who has a great poetry blog full of humour and thoughtful posts.  Please look at How I write is mine…How you  read is yours
Square Feet of Roofing
He: Change is a good thing
when it is for the better
She: What use is this quiet
if it becomes another fetter
He: Our boring lives will now
take on a brand new color
She: If blue turns to grey,
things can only get duller

He: Wind plays many tricks
on creaky wooden stairways
She: There’s more than just wind
in the deceptive empty hallways

He: For my safety, I have
a pitchfork turned candle holder
She: But it’s always safe
to look behind your shoulder

He: It is now all ours;
this giant old house
She: But here’s known to live
the ghost of a vicious mouse


©Kavita 2011

Our next poem is by the ubiquitous Kserverney aka the artswebshow.  which features his own personal art, comedy, poetry, music and cookery.  Richard now uses video for most of his work, so this poem comes to you from his latest project   witty snippets – all worth checking out 🙂

Why the Long Face?

The American dream.

Your own house and pitch fork

So why the long face?


Gothic art take two.

A mind of modern darkness

Creepy expressions.


I cant smile at all.

Glum, dull and dreary  pitchfork

After the wind turned east

 ©Richard North 2011

My comedy take on American Gothic by Grant Wood.

Featured on book stains poetry challenge

‘Happy Birthday Robert Burns!’ and Poetry Challenge

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Yes it’s Burns night!  Another opportunity to celebrate the life of the great Scottish poet Robert Burns b.25 January 1759 – 21 July 1796.  He is known by many names from  The Bard of Ayrshire to the ploughman’s poet.  He is especially famous for writing in the Scots language, though he has also written in a lighter more accessible one.  His writing is forthright, romantic and very beautiful.  He is a national hero in Scotland – and no wonder!  As well as writing poetry he also collected folk songs.  His own poem and song Auld Lang Syne is often sang on New Years Eve (or Hogmanay as they call it in Scotland).

Burns birthplace in Alloway

As a romantic poem and a ‘bit of a laddie’, Burns is also renown for his many love affairs.  he seems to have fallen in love – a lot judging by the poems written about his many amours:-).  His chequered life is full of many ups and downs and reads like a novel.  A fascinating man, full of life and verve, much has been written about him (    ) but in his own words ‘A Mans a Man for A That’ :-







Jean Armour, Burns wife


 His poems live on and shall always be with us. Many poets have written about flowers (A Red Red rose) but  which other poet would take the time out to write a poem about a humble field mouse? (To a Mouse) or even ‘To a Louse’.


Burns’s poems are numerous and a great many of them can be read on this excellent site and on this website which is dedicated to the poet.  A lovely history of this enigmatic man here  Image of Robert Burns from this good poetry site

images from here and here and here

Now for the Poetry Challenge….

The poetry challenge is called ‘What do ye say Rabbie?’  The challenge is to write a Haiku or poem about what you think Rabbie would write.  The subject matter could be anything – after all he wrote about mice and lice – so he was interested in all creatures.  he wrote romantic poetry, so the subject could be that.  He even wrote a toast to the Haggis – a traditional Scottish dish.  For inspiration watch and listen to the toast he made to it.  There are many versions of this, but I have picked the one with the English subtitles – though it’s not too difficult to understand this wonderful rich language. Burns also wrote humourously – so the sky’s the limit!  The poem doesn’t have to be in the Scottish dialect – though that would be wonderful too!  Robert Burns had a lot to say.  He can’t speak for himself – so why not speak for him 🙂  You may use the image if you want with a link to Bookstains of course.

Please note;-

The idea behind the challenges is to publicise Bookstains  is as well as having creative fun, so it is imperative that the poet link to Bookstains to further the challenge.

 In return the poem is copied to the challenges particular page which is open indefinitely and the poets own website mentioned with a link and the poem critiqued on not only Bookstains but also on the poets own blog or website.

 If you wouldn’t put the poem on your own blog, please don’t send it to mine and expect me to promote it.  This is a genuine challenge – so please play fair:-

Poetry Challenge ‘The Hepworth Echo’

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This challenge could prove to be a real challenge as it takes an  abstract form of sculpture as its source of  inspiration.  But what are thoughts – if not abstractions?   and where does inspiration come from anyway?  The challenge is to write a poem or Haiku about what I have entitled ‘The Hepworth Echo’ – using your own creative voice as the echo.  You can use any of Hepworths pierced sculptures pictures as a prompt (there are many) or just write about what you think the above pierced sculpture is trying to convey.  This could be a message from the past, a prediction for the future, what you think lies within the space or even what you think the artist or the actual sculpture is saying.  The poem can be serious, humourous, short or lengthy.  If you are stuck for inspiration or don’t know much about Hepworth and her sculpture, just go over to my Echostains blog and have a look at these posts;-

Happy Birthday Barbara Hepworth!

A Cornish garden of hidden delights – the Barbara Hepworth Museum Cornwall

Please note;-

The idea behind the challenges is to publicise Bookstains  is as well as having creative fun, so therefore it is imperative that the poet link to Bookstains to further the challenge.

 In return the poem is copied to the challenges particular page which is open indeffinitely and the poets own website mentioned with a link and the poem critiqued on not only Bookstains but also on the poets own blog or website.

 If you wouldn’t put the poem on your own blog, please don’t send it to mine and expect me to promote it.  This is a genuine challenge – so please play fair:-

Original image from here 

Our first contribution is a Haiku from Steve (Heed not Steve) whose blog is full of poetry, amusing musings and other goodies awaiting your delight!

breezy hammock
swaying to hula strains –
coconut dreams


© Steve Mitchell 2011


The next Haiku is by Jessica from Jessica’s Japes, a lovely blog which includes poetry and prose – very lively, please look!

Lonely voice forlorn

Eternal repetition;

Narcissus drooping


© Jessica D’Angelo 2011

Our next contribution is a Haiku from Hames 1977.  His blog is full of the most profound and original poetry.  once read you will soon be hooked on this poet who I rate as one of the finest.  Please look 🙂

Outside looking in.

Thoughts pierce something unspoken-

silence taking shape

© Hames 1977

Next we have a fantastic poem by Adam Dustus – you really must check out his blog – and One Stop Poetry

The Serpent Coil

Fetal positioned squinting eyes
Beginning life shock—that burning light
Swaddled in newspaper sterility
Spinning backward, sleet rain, movie reels flipping
Maddening sway, she shifts her hips
Fool me blush and licking lips
In totem stockings run from pain
This living through
Your bit insane   

Metallic tasting molars
Tin foiled, tempered stealing
Collide in scope stains as
Color wheels spinning
Through imagined laughter of Goethe
Inspiration from Whitman
Lucky to be alive
Once again

Crawling clumsily through nothingness
Past streaming years, recalling anger, swallowed tears
Among the branded tracks & spineless backs
Wrenched in clutching sadness, shading leaves
Serpentine madness, mineral evergreen
Quivering half-bent upon bathroom floor
Eying grime, filth clings to belly
When the walls cave your heart
Unmoved, mind stirring
Forgetting all that past as learning
This lowly love
When song born again

Apple stands, seedless core
Black almond shaped smoker’s trache
Peeling back the serpent coil
Piano wire fangs puncture
Harp string strung out desire
Reddened to appeal, bon appétit
Search to feel when incomplete
These corrosives kill
Through core of earth
Our sphere surreal
Until dusk from birth

©Adam Dustus 2011

I love seeing how diverse and how  original and imaginative we all are!  Here’s another wonderful take on the Hepworth echo – its from 47whitebuffalo.  You must check out her blog – it’s full of her original art, poetry, music and political issues and much more:-)

swift circular motion
same entrance exit
wounds clean inside out
bullets irony
human lives
coyote dies
life cycle echo

©47whitebuffalo 2011

I am really loving this challenge!  So many individualistic and original poems!  Here’s another take on the Hepworth Echo – and its yet another a fab one:-)  It’s by gospelwriter whose blog Turtle Memoirs is a poetical delight – please be sure to visit 🙂

Heart of Harmony

oh if these strings
were flexible, alive and finely-tuned
I could play you an air
melt your gut,
echo eternal overtones of heart,
a melody heard fleetingly in youth,
now long neglected in pursuit
of fickle tangibles

what would you?
be wished away for what they think you’re worth,
or alive again, for what they knew you were?

©gospelwriter 2011

I have just recieved another wonderful poem for this challenge from Eelco Bruinsma who has a wonderful cultural blog called Thoughts and Things  –  well worth looking at1

” It might be mathematical
… Highly unlikely

It could be psychological
… But only slightly

Turned upon itself, like a suicidal wasp
A blind soothsayer, injecting its venom
With the strings of its harp right through its exoskeleton.


The messenger has killed himself.

But then …

It surely must be mythological
… quite rightly.

Certainly not!

Since it clearly derives
From Greek Tragedy
It is tragedy enshrined
In an endless cabinet
Not a chest, but a chestnut,
White on the inside, wooden on the outside,
Like, …

By God almighty!

It’s a coffin!

The organic form,
The Apollinic nut,
The finish, the refinement,
The Sybillic enigmatic sign,

It’s a string-bearer,
A bearer of Truth and Falsity,
A proposition

It’s sheer logic,
… occurring only nightly. “

©Eelco Bruinsma 2011