Poem – The day with no name

As Scarlett famously said ‘Tomorrow is another day………’

But it’s  been one of ‘those’ days and here’s one of ‘those’ poems to go with it – 

Paint the day in grey,

Make it go away

Banish it ever

And never

Speak of it again


Frame the day in dust

Let it rot in rust

Crumble and decay

Flick away

The tell tale crumbs


Burn the day to black

It’s never coming back

Broken is the curse

It’s worse

Is over

©L. M. Roberts 2010

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8 thoughts on “Poem – The day with no name

  1. Sorry to hear it slpmartin – know the feeling. Still as Scarlett O Hara said ‘tomorrow is another day’ seems she had the right idea. Glad you enjoyed reading it, your comments are always welcome! and it goes without saying – have a better day!

  2. Thanks Adam, I never even thought about that you know It always amazes me how much our subconscious influences our actions (or vice versa). More mummies and poems coming – thanks for visiting!

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