Poetry Challenge ‘The Art of Progress’

  Adam Dustus who has a wonderful poetry blog kindly suggested a poetry challenge which featured this painting – The Coinnoissoir’ by Norman Rockwell.  I have called the challenge ‘The Art of Progress’ because of the corresponding post I wrote over on Echostains – which also provides a link for this challenge. Clicking any of the paintings willContinue reading “Poetry Challenge ‘The Art of Progress’”

I Dwell in Miss Havisham’s House

               I was trying to get an expression of light and dark – life and death into this poem.  Miss Havisham (Great Expectations) pays the young Pip money to see him play with her ward, the beautiful Estella. Well aware that the young boy is in awe of the girl, she watches Estella,Continue reading “I Dwell in Miss Havisham’s House”