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Poem ‘Sense Sojourn’

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I wrote this poem as an experiment some time last year.  I thought it would be a challenge to put it into video format (and it was).  The programme I used had sound clips which I have used.  Each of the observation of these senses relate to trivial and not so trivial experiences that pertain to myself.

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Freeflow Poetry ‘Reality?’

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'Bearer' (mixed media) by Lynda M Roberts


 This is an experiment I did from The Artswebshow.  It was great fun!  What you do is tune in to the music and just type – let that poetry run free in a free-flowing way.  It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t rhyme (half of mine doesn’t, in fact you can see the self-consciousness in the first half where it does;))  Please try it – you will be surprised to see what happens!

Darkness lightness – going for the middle path

Searching, –  reaching  in the aftermath

The every why and wherefore

Halts and hesitated


Never mind the aftershock

Of the small I AM

Stony fields of upright spires

And tall decaying trees

Rivers of a doubtless time

Which never wipes its feet

Gravel paths to nowhere

A hothouse sanctuary

And breath to blow you porridge with

Escapes and races free


Hesitating –



© Lynda M Roberts 2010

Poem ‘Where the Root ends’

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Haji Widayat Queen Of The Jungle

I wrote this free verse poem some time ago and came across it agin today.  So inspired by the William Butler Yeats poem that I have posted on echostains, and shamefaced about not posting anything on here for a while (but I am going to post a book review tomorrow) – here is the poem.  The inspiration for this poem is one of musing about what happens about the soul after we die and everlasting life really.


Where the Root ends

A root of star was broken off

Flung far away out into space

 My vehicle to get between the gaps that bridge our worlds.

I slid,

I hurtled down

Headlong down times chasms,

Bolstering my fall with lifetimes long and earnest,

Burnishing my death with dreams of everlasting life.

I slept between the waiting

For a niche in which to root

And when my time had come again,

I grasped towards the light

Sometimes my hands were feeble

My murmers barely audable

Sometimes my strength revealed itself

Outgrowing it’s brute might.

But through all those hallowed halls of time

My voice shall find an echo.

Though rootless my fragmented self

My Will shall journey home.


© Lynda M Roberts 2010


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