Poem: Finding the words

I used to write a lot of poetry when I was young.  I would take the day off work, find a lonely spot and lie in the grass and write and write.  I used to enjoy it too, so having read a lot of poetry blogs lately, I thought that I too would have a go.  But what to write about? what subject matter?  This is what happened – or rather what didn’t happen:-

Sitting and

Chewing pens


Thoughts congeal

And flutter by

Yet I

Am still debating


As those words

Float by

I know that I

Am just freewheeling

Though my thoughts

Come reeling

And I grasp

Those words

And clasp them

To my pen



©L. M. Roberts 2010

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7 thoughts on “Poem: Finding the words

  1. Write is right. Your poem resonated with me. Doing it is the only way. I started my memoir last April when I retired, got stuck around the age of 40 which was September last year and I haven’t got back to it.

  2. Oh please do get back to it Ann! Was 40 a dificult time for you or was it non eventful? It’s so difficult sometimes going back to things you’ve left hanging. Exactly the same with my altered book, and that must be going on for 4 or 5 years now lol! Many thanks for visiting my blog – and your welcome comments! My next poem will be a lot different lol!

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