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Poem: Flash Fiction: Death of a toy

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Inspired by Adam Dustus (a source of inspiration to a lot of poets), I thought I would try some  Flash Fiction.  The first time I saw mention of this was by Adam’s example.  What is it?  Flash Fiction is storytelling, but in snapshot form. There’s a smashing explanation of how to write Flash Fiction  and make it work here – and there’s great fun to be had with it too!  So, armed with inspiration and instructions I decided to start with the exercise about a child catching a red ball, using the tips the author gives.  This is what happened :- 

Death of a Toy 

he only wanted to play

Slavering child 

Shiny red ball 

Biting vinyl 

Rolling, licking 

Hairs sticking 

Exploring fingers, 

Chubby hands 

Embracing roundness. 

Footsteps falter 

Overreach and fall 

Over confidence gone. 

Game over. 

Car over. 

Punctured friend lies wounded. 

Tears come, 

Lip quakes, 

Hands wrung, 

Frustration spills 

Feet stamp 

As cries soar 

For unhappy toy. 


I have 49 words.  I was going for the 55 word count, but I was so intent on not wasting words like adjoining ones like ‘and’ ‘a’ and ‘ but;, that I am a little short.  Maybe next time.  I am definitely going to have another try at this, this time with my own subject matter.  The big red ball image is from here

Haiku: Sunsplashed

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The sun has come out. I’m whispering this in case it hears me and pops back in again.  It’s very temperamental and only makes fleeting appearances.  To celebrate it’s return to the dark North of England, I wrote this:-



Greetings this morning

Buttery stuttery sun!

Touching us with life.


Your golden smile shines

In unblinking cloudless skies

Waking our spirits


Dwarfed by your presence

Golden shimmering fingers

Wash us with their touch


Life’s light glows vivid

A grand illumination

Regal and truthful


Great and shadowless

Your light, miasma’s echo

Stands in silhouette.


  ©L. M. Roberts 2010

Poem: Mapping the past

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Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley.  No, not really: not Manderley.  Pemberley perhaps?  No, these big stately looking houses, imagined and real are open to the public.  The house I went to isn’t open to everyone.  I actually went to my Nanna’s old house in Liverpool.  I didn’t even have to leave my chair to do it.  I used a Google Street View Map tool to get there – it took me seconds.  That house is now a hostel.  I walked down the road I no longer recognise.  The garden which seemed so big has shrunk.  I wish I could enter the door and go inside and find my Nanna – but I know that I’m just being silly.

'Pemberley' really Lime Park

That house has haunted me down the years.  The walls have seen and heard many a family drama.  It was a large family –  seven sons and one daughter.  Now all gone, including my father.  Only the house remains, the walls saturated in our history.  I see my Nanna  sometimes in my mind, always busy – but she was never too busy to have time for me.  the Google Street view is my route back in time: my ball of string –  a time machine.  What a wonderful tool it is.  This poem was inspired by that trip:_

The footsteps trek backwards in brick, orange red

Their dust though forever remains

My past caught like jewels, in times silvery thread

It  whispers  forgotten refrains.


The welcoming door, now black and forbidden,

Its threshold now shoos me away

Won’t let me go where my memories lie hidden

Lit brightly, one long ago day.


I know what’s beneath all those layers of paint,

The black and white tiles in the hall

Childs fingerprints linger so small and so faint

On stairs that I still can recall.


The garden seems smaller, the roses long gone,

The curtains are closed on my past,

A shadowy place where the sun always shone

Where memories remain and hold fast.


They speak in a voice only I understand.

They sing and they call me by name

I still see them smile as they take up my hand

Unchanged and remaining the same.

©L. M. Roberts 2010

 Explore the world at street level with the Google Street View  here

Haiku, – ‘April – inity’

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I thought I would do some Haiku for the month of April  Such a lot happens this month that it seemed a shame to miss the opportunity.  The first event of course is April Fools day, 1st April – so that should certainly be included.  Then there’s the Easter festival, derived from the Ancient fertility Goddess Eostre.  New life is the general message of this time. As well as the religious aspects there’s also the birth chicks, Easter eggs and  flowers (Sweet peas and daisies are associated with April).  We also have St George’s day on the 22nd of this month.  However, because this Haiku is going to be a trintiy – only three of the aforementioned were chosen:-

Court jester Gonella by Jean Fouquet

Greetings!  King of Fools

Tricking the Spring as he steps

Quickly – with bells on.



All hail the daybreak!

Yellow downy headed chick

On this clear morning


The Resurrection by Fra Angelico

Behold the dawning!

From death has life arisen

And we are joyful!


©L. M. Roberts 2010


Chick image from here