Great lines: Gertrude The Countess of Groan (Titus Groan by Mervyn Peake)

Quotes from films, plays and books ‘There is nowhere else, you will only tread in a circle, Titus Groan. There’s not a road, not a track, but it will lead you home. For everything comes to Gormenghast.’ This is the warning Gertrude Groan, 76th Countess of Groan gives to her son Titus as he isContinue reading “Great lines: Gertrude The Countess of Groan (Titus Groan by Mervyn Peake)”

Masquerade – A celebration of the mask

Inspired by my Ghost of Christmas Past on my Echostains insta, I’ve resurrected a video I made for my art blog (echostains). It’s all about masks 😷 I have been busy  compiling another video – a celebration of masks from history, cultures and of course art.  The most prolific artist who featured a lot of masks in hisContinue reading “Masquerade – A celebration of the mask”

Poem: Kissing the Air

 Given the current pandemic climate and the use of social distancing, even this social gesture is now prohibited. It just goes to show that you don’t know what you’ve lost until it’s gone. Bear in mind this post was written in 2011. This poem was written about this habit we have aquired of air kissingContinue reading “Poem: Kissing the Air”

A beautiful walk

It’s day 6 in my personal challenge to blog every day for a week on Bookstains. I heard a song ages ago.  It was one of those songs which just keeps going round and round in your head, but try as you may, you just can’t see to remember where it came from!  I couldn’tContinue reading “A beautiful walk”