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A Criminal Act

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A Criminal Act

I am amazed at how many photographs, letters which should have been kept by a family have ended up in total strangers hands.  If a person holds ancestral photographs which have nothing to do with their family, wouldn’t they make it their business to find out who’s these albums belong to (clue: the person who last lived in the house…).  How could someone throw other people’s old albums – images of someones ancestors in the rubbish bin!  Yet it happened to a relative of mine and not for the first time.  Some people must have no conscience.  The albums mentioned were pictures taken of my ancestors by my Nana who would group her nine children, light the camera, run round pose with them AND develop the photographs.  They were inadvertedly left in a loft in Liverpool and when the relative missed them, was told by the new owners that they had thrown them out…..

They don’t belong to you

Yet you can accept their custody

As your right to bin

And dispose

Of my right to my ancestors

High handed,

Blind, misguided

Insensitive one

Who so casually

Disposes of someone elses family history

Of which you have no entitlement

No empathy

And no right

But by default

My memorials, pictorials,

Chronicles and images

Have ended up in your careless hands

My ancestors stand in front of your future

And curse your careless hands!

©Lynda Roberts 2010

Found photo from this blog thanks!