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Happy Belated Birthday Walt Disney!

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December 5th saw the  birthday celebration of famous American animator Walt Disney (1901-1966).   Disney was not only an animator, he was also a film producer, screen writer and voice actor.  He has also become a national icon in his own right. Disney, an entrapenairre  and a showman went on to design theme parks, and become one of the best known motion picture producer in the world.

Walt Disney founded Walt Disney Productions along with this brother Roy O. Disney (now known as The Walt Disney Company)  He created the Micky Mouse character, and also the original voice.  He has won a vast amount of acclaim and awards for his contribution to film, including  4 Honary Academy awards, 22 out of 59 Academy awards and 7 Emmy’s.  He died in 1966 of lung cancer in California.

I have always thought the surname ‘Disney’ a very unusual one and was surprised to find that the name comes from Arundal Disney, a descendant of Frenchman d’Isigny who travelled to England with William the Conqueror in 1066.  The name became anglicised to ‘Disney’ and the family settled in a Lincolnshire village  now called Norton Disney.

Disney films have also been firm favorites with old and young alike and often hold happy memories of family outings to the cinema.  The list of Disney’s films is far too long to list so I have taken some which I think the most popular and put them in a poll to find out which films are your particular favorite.  Apologies in advance if I have missed out yours.

Thanks to Fredfredbug4 for the video

For more about Walt Disney’s life and achievements please visit the Walt Disney Family Museum

Happy Belated Birthday Samuel Taylor Coleridge!

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On 21st day of this month in 1772  the English poet and critic  Samuel Taylor Coleridge (died 25 July 1834) was born.  Along with his friend William Wordsworth he was a founder member of the Romantic movement and was also one of the Lake Poets.  His most well-known poems include Khubla Kahn and The Rime of the Ancient Mariner‘.  His acclaimed critical work about William Shakespeare was highly instrumental for  introducing German Idealist philosophy to English-speaking culture.

Coleridge also introduced many well coined expressions such as ‘suspension of disbelief’ and had an influence of American Transcendentalism.  He suffered a lot from anxiety and depression and may have been an undiagnosed bipolar sufferer in his adult life.  This coupled with bouts of physical illness – the aftermath of rheumatic fever and other childhood illness led to his eventual dependency and addiction to Opium.  Kublah Kahn, Coleridge claimed was written as a response to an opium dream.

Coleridge also wrote lots of ‘conversation poems’ The Eolian Harp’ 1795, ‘Reflections on having left a place of retirement’ 1795  ‘This Lime Tree Bower my Prison’ 1797, ‘Frost at Midnight’ 1798, ‘Fears in Solitude’ 1798, ‘The Nightingale: A conversation poem’ 1798 and ‘Dejection: An Ode’ 1802.

To get a more detailed idea of Coleridge, the man, his work and his contribution to Romanticism, you really must visit the fabulous website known as ‘Her Aeolian Harp‘.  There you can indulge in poetry and humanities dedicated to Romanticism  with beautiful videos.

Video by Her Aeolian Harp  with thanks!

More about this interesting poet from here

All Behind – and a personal challenge – Day one

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You have heard the expression ‘getting ahead of yourself?’ Well I am getting all behind with myself – especially as far as my Bookstains blog is concerned.   I’ve been so busy with other stuff.  I have book reviews to post, films to mention and there’s a couple of new poetry challenges to be posted.  All these posts have been started – and lie in various states of incompletion.  I shall have to get myself more organised as  the future looks to be even busier.

One year I spent every day blogging for the entire year.  I still don’t know how I did it really.  That was on echostains, I have never tried that on Bookstains.  However, I intend to post a post on here each day for one week as a personal challenge to myself (and because I feel guilty for leaving it for a couple of weeks. 

I can’t promise an in-depth post every day, but I may even get round to finishing some posts that really need to be posted – that will be an achievement in itself for me.  So what you may expect? (though it’s probably more likely not to expect) book reviews;- Notebooks of a Naked Youth by Billy Childish, Grayson PerryPortrait of the artist as a young girl by Wendy Jones, among others. 

32 Brinkburn Street

Also 32 Brinkburn Street (a  period drama shown on TV) Dexter (also televised) and at least one poetry challenge.  Now lets see if I can deliver for one week 😉

Cartoon from here with thanks

Grayson Perry book image here

Brinkburn Street image here

Billy Childish book image here

The Listeners by Walter de La Mare

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One of my favorite childhood poets is Sir Walter de la Mare.  the first poem which we had to memorise at school was ‘Five Eyes’ and to this day, I still remember it line for line.  De La Mare was born at Charlton, Kent, England 25 April 1873 – 22 June 1956.  He came from  quite a well off family.  His father, James Edward de la Mare, was an official of the Bank of England. His mother, Lucy Sophia (Browning) de la Mare was related to the poet Robert Browning. He was educated in London at St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir School, which he left at age 16. From 1890 to 1908 he worked in London in the accounting department of the Anglo-American Oil Company. His career as a writer started from about 1895 and he continued to publish to the end of his life. His first published story, ‘Kismet’ (1895), appeared in the Sketch under the pseudonym Walter Ramal.    The Listeners is one of his most famous poems – full of atmosphere and imagination.

Read about this poet Walter De La Mare Society and here

Video  with thanks!

Poem ‘Sense Sojourn’

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I wrote this poem as an experiment some time last year.  I thought it would be a challenge to put it into video format (and it was).  The programme I used had sound clips which I have used.  Each of the observation of these senses relate to trivial and not so trivial experiences that pertain to myself.

Images from here, here,  here and also from here, here and here

Dear Reader – I read them

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what I’m reading at the moment

I really must catch up with reviews of all the books and films I have seen!  The list is long, and although I do find myself taking notes (on the films) there never seems to be enough time to write it all down.  So, in a nutshell here’s a pile of books which I have read this year alone and which I SHALL review!

The English Ghost by Peter Ackroyd

The Diary of a Nobody by George and Weedon Grossman

Murderous Manchester by John J Eddieston

Shirley by Charlotte Bronte

The Hireling by L.P. Hartley

Grayson PerryPortrait of the artist as a young girl by Wendy Jones

The Shrouded Wall by Susan Howatch

Lancashire – Where Women die of Love by Charles Nevin

My Fault by Billy Childish (reading at the moment)

Some of these books aren’t finished though and I can’t review them until they are.  Somewhere, I have acquired the habit of starting one book then after a few chapters, acquiring another book which I also start.  Depending on which book is the most interesting – well, that’s the book will get finished at the time. 


 When I am in between any new books being bought, then these unfinished books will come out.  The difficulty in the continuation of reading them lies in my memory of what they were about in the first place!  What I mean is that although I can remember what the book is about, to actually get engaged or immersed in the book means retracing my steps and starting yet again, at the beginning!  There are several books this has happened to (Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel is one of them)  The list above shows  just a few of the books I have read lately and some of these are re reads.

Images from here and here and here

‘About ‘Bookstains’

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The original echostains


Bookstains is the sister site of my other blog ‘Echostains’.  As Echostains is about communication through art (the stain being the art – the communication being the echo), ‘Bookstains’ is my communication with books.   When you put your hot coffee cup on a wooden surface – it will make a stain.  When you put a book down after reading it – or finding it impossible to carry on with, it will also leave a stain or an impression on you.  This impression can be positive, negative or consist of twittering blue birds.  This blog will take a more leisurely look at what I’m reading and any book challenges which I am taking.   This is the original ideology behind the blog – but this could change