Throw back Friday

Posts that are worth revisiting. Now this makes me want to re read the book😎👍 I have recently finished reading ‘My Fault’ by artist/poet/writer and musician Billy Childish and am now half way through his second book Notebooks of a Naked Youth. My Fault is about growing up – the hard way. Childish writes forciblyContinue reading “Throw back Friday”

Chin Chinery Pokery

I’m having one of those lockdown blues days. Trying to keep myself busy by doing something creative and busy, sometimes the heavy handedness of harsh reality just seeps through, This virus has robbed me and others in the UK of two months of life – or life as we knew it.  Two months I’ll neverContinue reading “Chin Chinery Pokery”

Poem: Voodoo Dancing

The following poem was written way back in the 90s.  It was originally a song and the music was provided by my husband.  I wrote quite a few songs in those days, including one called ‘The Life of Charlotte Bronte wasn’t all it was cracked up to be’ and ‘I Trouble’.  If I come acrossContinue reading “Poem: Voodoo Dancing”