Poem: Kissing the air

 This poem was written about this habit we have aquired of air kissing when greeting people.  It may well be healthier and less germ ridden than hand shaking (here’s the social etiquette for those who aren’t sure) Liz Brewer, a social etiquette expert on ITV’s Ladette to Lady, says a single air kiss next to aContinue reading “Poem: Kissing the air”

Did the Real Charlotte Bronte Just Stand Up? The Debate

Quite a while ago I wrote a post about the portraits of Charlotte Bronte, speculating on how she may have looked.  The discussion was furthered by Mr James Grozny, owner of a mysterious painting he aquired at auction.  He speculated that his painting (which can be seen below) was by the artist Edwin Landseer andContinue reading “Did the Real Charlotte Bronte Just Stand Up? The Debate”

Poll ‘Which Bronte are you?’

Cast yourself back into the 1830’s.  Out on the winding windy moors…sorry coming over all Kate Bush here.  You live in an old draughty parsonage overlooking a muddy overcrowded graveyard which frequently floods.  You live on a diet of mainly potatoes, your drinking water isn’t all it should be and your under 5 ft tall. YouContinue reading “Poll ‘Which Bronte are you?’”

Dear Reader I read it ‘The Gorse trilogy’ by Patrick Hamilton

patrick hamilton I have just finished reading The Gorse Trilogy by Patrick Hamilton. Though I enjoyed most of it, I felt the end  (the third part) was lacking in conclusion, though the promise was there. Yes, I was disappointed in the end. Hamilton seemed to be just filling the last couple of pages with wordsContinue reading “Dear Reader I read it ‘The Gorse trilogy’ by Patrick Hamilton”