Poem: Acrostic alphabet -ish

  Inspired by Dustus’s Acrostic poem about his little neice (here), I thought I would have an attempt at this.  Not being able to decide what I wanted the first letters of the lines to spell, I thought it may be fun to use all the letters of the alphabet.  Well, I wouldn’t call it ‘fun’Continue reading “Poem: Acrostic alphabet -ish”

Haiku Elementals

I wrote these last week.  I saw the word ‘snow’ and decided to go …..woah (wrong poem!)  I saw the word snow and thought I’d do a Haiku about it.  You would think I’d had enough of snow, having moaned on about it when it was here wouldn’t you?  Anyway,  the words  to the JamesContinue reading “Haiku Elementals”

Titus Groan: Swelter receives a surprise

Well I finished Titus Groan  a several weeks ago.  I saw him safely come into his Kingdom and I have been propelled five years into the future.  Ghosts haunt Gormenghast – but some aren’t dead.  Flay is living, not roughly but quite nicely thank you.  He has now acquired two caves for himself, which heContinue reading “Titus Groan: Swelter receives a surprise”

Poem – The day with no name

As Scarlett famously said ‘Tomorrow is another day………’ But it’s  been one of ‘those’ days and here’s one of ‘those’ poems to go with it –  Paint the day in grey, Make it go away Banish it ever And never Speak of it again   Frame the day in dust Let it rot in rust CrumbleContinue reading “Poem – The day with no name”

Haiku: Three for March

It’s the first day of Spring!  Here’s something I wrote when Spring had sprung a few years ago 🙂 There is a lot of Haiku poetry around.  Yes I know it’s been around for thousands of years – but I’ve only just started really appreciating it!  To think, is to do in my book.  So IContinue reading “Haiku: Three for March”

Poem: Drowned in sound

I wrote this poem a few days ago.   I tried to get an unusual rhythm going with the meter.  The subject is abstract of course.   It concerns the nagging doubts and fears that you don’t want to discuss, address  or give name to.  It’s as if by doing so, they may become more real.  Though byContinue reading “Poem: Drowned in sound”