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Poem: Acrostic alphabet -ish

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Inspired by Dustus’s Acrostic poem about his little neice (here), I thought I would have an attempt at this.  Not being able to decide what I wanted the first letters of the lines to spell, I thought it may be fun to use all the letters of the alphabet. 

Well, I wouldn’t call it ‘fun’ exactly – more of a challenge really….   The biggest hurdle came as you may expect at the end.  I had created four line verses, and of course the alphabet having 26 letters…..  well that left me with two superflous lines.  

 Ps. I have also cheated with X which didn’t mark any spot spelling wise (now why didn’t I use this!!!)  Anyway here it comes:-


A lily lay dead

Blighted and sodden

Crocus’s bled and

Daffodils trodden


Evening’s last glow

Falling down lightly

Glistening snow is

Hissing politely


Inky black fingers

Jabbing, unseeing

Kill all that lingers

Leaches all being


Meandering streams

Neferious meetings

Opiate dreams

Partake solomn greetings


Quivering earth

Rustles of gladness

Shrieking new birth

Threatening sadness


Unclothed and waiting

Verdant and trusting

Wry hesitating

Xuberant – thrusting


Yawning and aching

Zed marks the end

Ive used all the letters

Was  forced to extend!


©L. M. Roberts 2010 

Haiku Elementals

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I wrote these last week.  I saw the word ‘snow’ and decided to go …..woah (wrong poem!)  I saw the word snow and thought I’d do a Haiku about it.  You would think I’d had enough of snow, having moaned on about it when it was here wouldn’t you?  Anyway,  the words  to the James Taylor song ‘Fire and Rain’

‘I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain, I’ve seen sunny days I thought would never end…..’

went around in my mind and I thought I would try to a Haiku about all four weather elements so:-


Descend soft snowflake

And sleep the sleep of angels

Melting in the night


Welcome bright stranger

A fleeing shadow hovers –

Stands in dumb salute


The gust that chatters

Whispers “come and join our dance”

We have a short time


Relentless droplets

Dancing in a rainbow hue

Becoming oceans

©L. M. Roberts 2010

 The lyrics to Fire and Rain are here

Even better hear it and weep  (in a good way)

windswept tree image from here

Titus Groan: Swelter receives a surprise

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Titus Groan, read but still writing about it

Well I finished Titus Groan  a several weeks ago.  I saw him safely come into his Kingdom and I have been propelled five years into the future.  Ghosts haunt Gormenghast – but some aren’t dead.  Flay is living, not roughly but quite nicely thank you.  He has now acquired two caves for himself, which he has furnished sparsely.  He had become a keen hunter, he cooks, he cleans, he still slips into Gormenghast from time to time, he watches and he waits – but what for, he doesn’t know.  But he has survived.

So has Steerpike.  he has dispensed with the Doctors dispensary and spare room and ensconced himself in a nice apartment befitting his new position – but I am getting beyond myself: far into Gormenghast.  I am following on from Keda, Titus’s wet-nurse.

sepulchrave played by Ian Richardson

Sepulchrave haunts the burnt out library.  He travels from shelf to shelf reciting the classics.  he is joined by burnt up Barquentine – minus head.  If you remember, his head had to be replaced with that of a small calf as the original had been stolen.  Well, the original does turn up again, in a further chapter…

Swelter is another ghost.  He has been replaced by a bow-legged chef with a mule shaped head and mouthful of metal teeth!  Where do they get their staff from?  I digress.  Back to Titus Groan.

It is the morning of the Titus’s christening and all are preparing for the event.  Even the head gardener Pentecost (where does Peake get these names from) is cutting flowers and polishing the apples in his little leather cape.

In Gormenghast violet eyes are an unfortunate disfigurement.  Titus’s are mentioned quite a few times in a uncomplimentry way.  It’s a good job Elizabeth Taylor wasn’t born in Gormenghast – her career would never have taken off.  But I digress…..


Nannie Slagg is trying to awaken Fuschia, Sepulchrave and Sourdust are eating breakfast together.  Rottcodd is still dusting and the Dr is singing away in his bath.  The main action in this chapter comes from Flay and Swelter though:-

Suddenly the door opened and Flay came in.  He was wearing his long black moth-eaten suit, but there had been some attempt on his part at getting rid of the major stains and clipping the more ragged edges of cuff and trouser into straight lines.  Over and above these improvements he wore around his neck a heavy chain of brass.  In one hand, he balanced on a tray, a bowl of water.  The negative dignity of the room threw him out in relief as a positive scarecrow.  Of this he was quite unconscious.  He has been helping to dress Lord Sepulchrave. and had made a rapid journey with the christening bowl as his lordship stood polishing his nails by the window of his bedroom……..

I love this encounter between these old adversaries, but Flay is no match for Swelter’s dripping sarcasm..

A voice came out of the face: ‘Well. well well,’ it said, ‘may I be boiled to a frazzle if it isn’t Mr Flee.  ‘The one and only Mr Flee, Well, well, well.  Here before me in the Cool Room.  Dived through the keyhole I do believe.  Oh, my adorable lights and liver, if it isn’t the Flee itself.’

swelter as played brilliantly by Richard Griffiths

To add insult to injury, Swelter then proceeds to introduce Mr Flay to his kitchen boys:-

‘Mr Flee, I will introduce you,’ said Swelter as the boys approached, glueing their frightened eyes on their precarious cargoes.  ‘Mr Flee – Master Springers – Mater Springers – Mr Flee.  Mr Flee – Master Wrattle, Master Wrattle – Mr Flee.  Mr Flee – Master Spurter – Mr Flee…….

For Flay, this proves too much.  He strikes Swelter across the face with the heavy chain.  But before there can be any retaliation, Flee manages to escape.  The next encounter between the two enemies is interrupted by Sourdust being there, so there can be no return match.  Later.

Poem – The day with no name

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As Scarlett famously said ‘Tomorrow is another day………’

But it’s  been one of ‘those’ days and here’s one of ‘those’ poems to go with it – 

Paint the day in grey,

Make it go away

Banish it ever

And never

Speak of it again


Frame the day in dust

Let it rot in rust

Crumble and decay

Flick away

The tell tale crumbs


Burn the day to black

It’s never coming back

Broken is the curse

It’s worse

Is over

©L. M. Roberts 2010


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Haiku: Three for March

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It’s the first day of Spring!  Here’s something I wrote when Spring had sprung a few years ago 🙂

There is a lot of Haiku poetry around.  Yes I know it’s been around for thousands of years – but I’ve only just started really appreciating it!  To think, is to do in my book.  So I thought I might have a try.  Haiku is a Japanese poem which is composed of three unrhymed lines of five, seven and five syllables.  The poem is usually about an aspect of nature.

This type of poetry is not as easy as it looks.  Though economical on words, it becomes obvious that each word has to count and convey something.  Apart from these constrictions – there’s no restriction of expression from what I can see.   I feel that it is the essence of the poem that is important.  So, seeing as I have written recently about March, the March hare, white rabbits, fertility and rebirth…..


The hare stares back and 

Kicks against the  febrile moon.    

His sap has risen


The Interloper

Verdant energy

Bursts through the slumbering darkness

Yet casts no shadow


Yellow and green


No words worth saying

Ullswater – less, Narcissus

Springs unfettered.



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The hare image is from a tee-shirt available here

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Poem: Drowned in sound

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I wrote this poem a few days ago.   I tried to get an unusual rhythm going with the meter.  The subject is abstract of course.   It concerns the nagging doubts and fears that you don’t want to discuss, address  or give name to.  It’s as if by doing so, they may become more real.  Though by suppressing them it makes them even more nebular and scary.  You can’t win really.  But the point is that they don’t win.

A Crab Nebula - or a Black Hole


I start to sieve silt from my crowded house

There’s too many ghosts in this soft machine

They vie for attention

And beg for a mention

I feel myself helpless to contravene


 The constant drip drip of these nagging thoughts

 They  won’t let me be – they just want their say

They whisper and rustle

They bluster and bustle

  I try to submerge and  keep them at bay


They beg to address me – engage me in chat

 They just want importance. They want some form

 They long to break free

 To impersonate  me

 But can I hold out and weather this  storm?


 They quite rightly sense that I can’t set them loose

 They  pinch and creep up especially at night

 I keep  drowning them out

 As they scream and they shout

 I won’t let them out and cross into the light.

©L. M. Roberts


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