Into the Read

In the beginning, Echostains, my art blog, featured art history, design, film, book reviews – in short a pot pouri of art/arts related topics.

I then decided to transfer the book and film reviews and subjects to another blog. Thus Bookstains was born.

Content on Bookstains has been sporadic, to say the least over the years. I now have an Instagram version, which at this present time features mostly poetry and a lot of haiku. There is a reason for that….

This years resolution is to read more books. For the last couple of years, my concentration has been all over the place. I used to be an avid reader: reading every night before I went to sleep. I spend far too much time online now – yet somehow, I don’t actually get anywhere. I am going to have to get physical with some books. I have several books I haven’t read so I really must bring this physical habit back into my life.

Now to decide on which order🤔

Films. I watch a lot of films and series. Yet again, I’ve lost the will to write about them. Again, I put it down to lack of being able to concentrate.

So, I am challenging myself to read the last books I bought or was bought, starting tonight. I want to see how long it takes me AND do a review of each of them.

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