The Runaway Train

Carrying on the back track

Yet another train of lies

Are Shunted northwards

The runaway mouth ran over the hill and he blew it. Again. Unfortunately, the last I heard he was going still… Yet another empty promise for the North. The abandonment of HC2.

Second in my new occasional series ‘End of Days’ where I dilute (and believe me, I do dilute) my political outrage into a Haiku. Its been a daily occurrence (my outrage and despair) since this ‘government’ got into power. There’s so much more to this Dystopian nightmare I find myself in. So many things have been spoiled and ruined. I know that things will never be the same again (and also that I’m coming over all McArthur Park😮 Oh No!😮🙄

Train image here

‘A Betrayal of the North’

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