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I stand with Ukraine 🇺🇦

Part of my series ‘End of Days’. Each new day feels like exactly that, the end of life as we once knew it. With endless atrocities deceitful lies, corruption and scandal after scandal ever unfolding, we are indeed living in dark times. So many ‘gates’ of evil opening, all leading to a desolate landscape.

‘Partygate’ , the one that recently uncovered Tory revellers, including the PM Johnson partying in lockdown whilst loved ones died alone has now been replaced by the Russian war on the Ukraine. This has fully exposed the extent of money laundering and the greasing of Tory party palms by Russian oligarchs. Whilst Putin murders innocent people in cold blood, our ‘worldbeating’ claptrapper has given a few sanctions out and given the oligarchs a 30 day a head start to clear their desks. He is up to his neck in it and he knows it.

The Tories policy on refugees is disgraceful. A lot of people in this country are disgusted with their government’s attitude and think we should welcome and help the Ukrainian refugees who are fleeing for very their lives from this hell that had been wrought upon them, just as any descent human being would. Thoughts and prayers go with those people who are fighting for their country.

Shame on Putin and shame on our government!

Traitors Gate image

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