‘Titus Groan: Dr through the spyhole’

Several clues to the next characters of the castle are given in this chapter.  Flay approaches one of the portraits in the octagonal room, pushes the frame to one side, to reveal a round hole in the panelling;-   From his vantage point he was able to get a clear view of three doors in aContinue reading “‘Titus Groan: Dr through the spyhole’”

‘Steerpike – the high shouldered (soon to be high handed) one’

When we first encounter Steerpike the kitchen boy, he is trying to escape from Swelter’s kitchen.  Using Flay’s footsteps as a marker to get  into the upper world of the castle, he seems well – just a boy.  He is seventeen years old with high shoulders, smouldering eyes and obviously intelligent.  From this first meeting,Continue reading “‘Steerpike – the high shouldered (soon to be high handed) one’”

‘Titus Groan: Swelter – poetry in slow motion’

 Deep in the bowels of the castle,  Flay looks on furtively at  the drunken revelry  going on around him.  The celebration of the birth of the heir to Gormenghast is well underway now. The kitchen has celebrated all day and it really shows.  Peake is at his most descriptive here: you can almost feel the heat raging fromContinue reading “‘Titus Groan: Swelter – poetry in slow motion’”

‘Re Reading of ‘Titus Groan/Gormenghast’ – background information’

I first read these books many years ago – and loved them.  Every couple of years I would read them again, totally immersing myself. It has been quite a while since I last read these books now.  I have read the third book in the trilogy about three times  – but though I have persevered, I foundContinue reading “‘Re Reading of ‘Titus Groan/Gormenghast’ – background information’”

“Flashback Challenge: Titus Groan/Gormenghast: First impressions”

As soon as I read or should I say re read, the first few pages of the ‘Gormenghast’ novel, I was immediately back among the ghosts: the characters that had died.  Lord Sepulchrave among the bats, Sourdust, Clarice and Cora and others all lost in the first book Titus Groan.  I realised then that I justContinue reading ““Flashback Challenge: Titus Groan/Gormenghast: First impressions””