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Poem: Bloodrush

Posted in My Poetry with tags , , , on July 6, 2010 by echostains

'Infernal' by Lynda M Roberts BA Hons

My father came from a huge family, consisting of 7 brothers and one daughter.  The competition and arguements among them was fierce.  Through tracing my family tree, I have been able to find all my many cousins – and the stories and memories abound.  We have all agreed to forget about what happened in the past generation.   Our time is now and we shall not carry on like our father’s did.  This poem is about this:-


Track back starkly

Sarky, in the womb

Like home.

Sticky winged,

The flies have flown

The birds have left their nests

We are confessed

The total of

The left – behinds,

To soar and swoop

The scattered cups of squabbles

Left behind

By blind people

Who, by default

bestowed the gift of light.

And with our might

We shall congress


© 2010 Lynda M Roberts