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Poem: Flash Fiction: Death of a toy

Posted in ALL MY POETRY CHALLENGES, My Poetry with tags , , on April 26, 2010 by echostains

Inspired by Adam Dustus (a source of inspiration to a lot of poets), I thought I would try some  Flash Fiction.  The first time I saw mention of this was by Adam’s example.  What is it?  Flash Fiction is storytelling, but in snapshot form. There’s a smashing explanation of how to write Flash Fiction  and make it work here – and there’s great fun to be had with it too!  So, armed with inspiration and instructions I decided to start with the exercise about a child catching a red ball, using the tips the author gives.  This is what happened :- 

Death of a Toy 

he only wanted to play

Slavering child 

Shiny red ball 

Biting vinyl 

Rolling, licking 

Hairs sticking 

Exploring fingers, 

Chubby hands 

Embracing roundness. 

Footsteps falter 

Overreach and fall 

Over confidence gone. 

Game over. 

Car over. 

Punctured friend lies wounded. 

Tears come, 

Lip quakes, 

Hands wrung, 

Frustration spills 

Feet stamp 

As cries soar 

For unhappy toy. 


I have 49 words.  I was going for the 55 word count, but I was so intent on not wasting words like adjoining ones like ‘and’ ‘a’ and ‘ but;, that I am a little short.  Maybe next time.  I am definitely going to have another try at this, this time with my own subject matter.  The big red ball image is from here