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Freeflow Poetry ‘Reality?’

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'Bearer' (mixed media) by Lynda M Roberts


 This is an experiment I did from The Artswebshow.  It was great fun!  What you do is tune in to the music and just type – let that poetry run free in a free-flowing way.  It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t rhyme (half of mine doesn’t, in fact you can see the self-consciousness in the first half where it does;))  Please try it – you will be surprised to see what happens!

Darkness lightness – going for the middle path

Searching, –  reaching  in the aftermath

The every why and wherefore

Halts and hesitated


Never mind the aftershock

Of the small I AM

Stony fields of upright spires

And tall decaying trees

Rivers of a doubtless time

Which never wipes its feet

Gravel paths to nowhere

A hothouse sanctuary

And breath to blow you porridge with

Escapes and races free


Hesitating –



© Lynda M Roberts 2010