The Secret Garden

Another haiku from my End of Days series. No, partygate will not be gotten rid of, forgotten nor forgiven. They partied whilst people died alone.

And the beast goes on… and on

The secret garden

24 hour party people

Stage their own lock in.

The threshold of No.10 where 24 hr people disappear, only to emerge as amnesiacs with peerages and promotions. A magical world where Grey fades to whitewash and suitcases transform into wine cabinets. Brigadoon? Or a bridge too far? An unmasked ball full of Bullington bullshitters, carefree and unconscionable. Whooping, careering down slides, revelling, rolling in their bacchanalian exceptionalism and celebrating that sense of sneering superiority whilst lesser mortals abide by THEIR rules, that THEY made and have had to suffer their loved ones to die alone.

Amnesia sets in. These gas lighters would have you believe it was all a Winter, Spring, Midsummer’s night dream, a Will- o’ – the – wisp piece of trivial political ‘fluff’ to be blown away and forgotten. It isn’t and it won’t be.

Sunglasses image here

Poster here

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