Elastoplast for the Past

Slipping behind again with my blogs again. Where does the time go🤔 When I first started my blogs up, the plan was to post a few times a week. So much for plans🙄 I’d have been better off doing a diary (as I write in that every day.

Anyway… here’s a short poem I wrote the other day when I was thinking about some matters I haven’t completely dealt with. I get them out so often, puzzle about them, decide they’re too painful or difficult to deal with – and back they go, safely under lock and key. This is a way of ‘dealing’ with em. The new shelving🙄

Elastoplast for the Past



quick fix hack.


Clean up

the latest bombast

Drummed up

Dumbed up

Paper the crack



Leaving it’s mark

Snapped shut

Wrapped up

Sent back to the dark.

© Lynda M Roberts

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