Poem: Orb Worship Revisited

I see a bit of sunshine and at once my spirits are uplifted and borne away on a sunlit day, so artfully. Let’s hope there’s more of it around the corner. I was reminded of this poem I wrote, so I’ve revisited it.


Even the shite shines golden,

You can see why the Druids were beholden

And those pyramids were hewn

From those beads of sweat

And the swastika shrugs

Lest we forget

The worshipping of our eternal orb

Which drenches our nature

And which we absorb.

Zorba the Greek dance on

Whilst bright Helios shone down,

Cruel and relentless,

Melting the wings of Icarus

And bringing him back to Earth

With a Bang

Lynda Roberts 2005

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