Happy New Year!

After a fairly long hiatus, Bookstains reactivated last year. Slowly but surely, starting back in April ( no coincidence this…).

Although only 18 posts (19 counting this) I remain positive, optimistic and have many ideas regarding Bookstains direction.

Lots of drafts, reviews, poetry to be undertaken, including the poetry challenges which proved popular.

Many of my proposed posts are still in draft stage. I plan to spend a specific amount of time per day working on both blogs. It will hopefully take my mind off what is happening regarding the pandemic 😷🤞

I still keep a day to day Covid diary regarding my incarceration. This is not available online. The diary partners a personal project I am working on (which will cover the first 100 days of the pandemic). But more about that at a later date.

Last year, I set up a Bookstains to partner my already established my art and personal account Echostains on Instagram.

Check them both out;



Thank you

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