Chin Chinery Pokery

I’m having one of those lockdown blues days. Trying to keep myself busy by doing something creative and busy, sometimes the heavy handedness of harsh reality just seeps through,

This virus has robbed me and others in the UK of two months of life – or life as we knew it.  Two months I’ll never get back.  Frustrated, I wrote this:


Chin Chinery Pokery

Move like Joris, and take it on the chin.

Going out alertness is the brand new staying in.

Fighting the invisible, wearing glitzy X-Ray spex,

Russian roulette betting on whose death is coming next.

Join the dance of death with arms that open wide,

Whilst jabbing fingers taunt and shriek ‘you should have stayed inside’.

The mixed and garbled message has got you every way,

Robbing you of future, whilst enshrining yesterday.

L M Roberts 2020©



image from here

There’s a new poetry challenge over on Echostains


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