Poem: Voodoo Dancing

The following poem was written way back in the 90s.  It was originally a song and the music was provided by my husband.  I wrote quite a few songs in those days, including one called ‘The Life of Charlotte Bronte wasn’t all it was cracked up to be’ and ‘I Trouble’.  If I come across the ‘Life of Charlotte Bronte’ I may get the nerve up to actually put it on here (and risk being  chased by some irate Bronte fans – even though I’m really one myself).


Voodoo Dancing

Voodoo dancing enhances the skin,

Kabalistic chants – where do I begin?

Voodoo dancing – out with the cloak,

Horned one, winged one – I thee invoke.

Just the thing to start a Friday night,

It can set you up for days – if you do it right.

Voodoo dancing – thought enhancing,

Voodoo dancing  – stone romancing,

Voodoo dancing – ego tripping,

Voodoo dancing – bodice ripping

Voodoo dancing – finger the flame,

Cursing the council (use magical name)

Voodoo dancing let it begin,

Blood of my enemies – and you know where Its been

Voodoo dancing is here to stay,

A sacrifice here, is the price to pay

Voodoo dancing – the flames leap up,

Let all your frustrations fill up the cup.

You do that Voodoo and you do it well

Bring in the prayer book, candle and bell.

©Lynda M Roberts 1999



image from here

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