American Gothic and the Hot Meat Pie


I wrote this short poem years ago for a poetry competition I was running on here.  It seems appropriate to republish it today because it is the birthday of the artist  American Regionalist Grant Wood (1891-1942).

Here are the other posts that I wrote about him and the Regionalists over on my  other blog Echostains

It’s American Regionalist artist Grant Wood’s birthday today.  As I have already celebrated this artist’s birthday (see this post) and wrote about him at some length, I thought it might be interesting to look at more of the artist’s most famous work – American Gothic

Grant Wood was born on this day in Anamosa Iowa USA (1891 – 1942) and is famous for painting the American Midwest, along with fellow Regionalist artists Thomas Hart Benton (see this post) and John Steuart Currie….’ here


On your way stranger!

There aint nothing for you here.

You’re only courting danger,

I’m king of this frontier!

You’re talking to the fork!

And it won’t hear no blaspheming!

You’d better start to walk

(My sister – stop that screaming!)


Compose yourself my dear!

We just don’t want no trouble.

Supplies will last all year

And we got more than double.


Remember when the law came by

Twas I that they did question. 

Then you produced that hot meat pie

that gave em indigestion.

I aint seen no missing folk!

I told em loud and clear.

Yet still they all would prod and poke

Which filled me full of fear.


Stranger why you standing there?

Be gone into the rain.

And while you ride, just say a prayer

You don’t  pass this way again.

©Lynda M Roberts 2011

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