Happy Belated Birthday Walt Disney!

December 5th saw the  birthday celebration of famous American animator Walt Disney (1901-1966).   Disney was not only an animator, he was also a film producer, screen writer and voice actor.  He has also become a national icon in his own right. Disney, an entrapenairre  and a showman went on to design theme parks, and become one of the best known motion picture producer in the world.

Walt Disney founded Walt Disney Productions along with this brother Roy O. Disney (now known as The Walt Disney Company)  He created the Micky Mouse character, and also the original voice.  He has won a vast amount of acclaim and awards for his contribution to film, including  4 Honary Academy awards, 22 out of 59 Academy awards and 7 Emmy’s.  He died in 1966 of lung cancer in California.

I have always thought the surname ‘Disney’ a very unusual one and was surprised to find that the name comes from Arundal Disney, a descendant of Frenchman d’Isigny who travelled to England with William the Conqueror in 1066.  The name became anglicised to ‘Disney’ and the family settled in a Lincolnshire village  now called Norton Disney.

Disney films have also been firm favorites with old and young alike and often hold happy memories of family outings to the cinema.  The list of Disney’s films is far too long to list so I have taken some which I think the most popular and put them in a poll to find out which films are your particular favorite.  Apologies in advance if I have missed out yours.

Thanks to Fredfredbug4 for the video

For more about Walt Disney’s life and achievements please visit the Walt Disney Family Museum

4 thoughts on “Happy Belated Birthday Walt Disney!

  1. Who needs 3D films when you can watch that! Fabulous creation. Disney’s name will certainly live on for a very long time.
    Pleased to see a blog from you again.

    1. Thanks Wendy. it’s been a kind of traumatic year and I lost my mojo a bit regarding blogging, but hopefully service shall be restored 2012! Thanks for bearing with the blogs – appreciated! Hope you have a Gothic Christmas 😉 I have a black Christmas tree up this year 🙂

      1. We’ve had small black ones before, in our bedroom, but we like a full ‘Dickensian’ Christmas – big, over-decorated tree, a forest of tinsel, cards and streamers, plenty of mulled wine, carols, you name it we have it.
        And a Happy Christmas to you, too, and a less traumatic 2012!

        1. Yep the old Dickensian for me too next year Wendy. Really miss it – plus I have all the decorations for it that I have collected over the years. Happy Christmas and have a great new year! Thanks for your patience – I shall return with a blogging vengeance next year 🙂

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