Johnny Rhymes

A very short post today (day 5 in the blog everyday on bookstains challenge) and I make no apology for featuring another John Cooper Clarke poem.  He is one of my favorite poets and has featured in a few posts of mine. 

A little bit of Burnley

This one is called  ‘I don’t want to go to Burnley’ and the poet very cleverly rhymes Northern towns – sometimes with the most incongruous words (yes I’m talking to you Elsa Lanchaster!)  I went to Burnley for the first time the other week – and it was great by the way!  I certainly don’t think the poet meant any offence to the towns mentioned (at least I think he didn’t πŸ˜€ )

Elsa Lanchaster

Vidoe by  with thanks

Elsa Lanchester image from here

Burnley images taken last week

6 Responses to “Johnny Rhymes”

  1. wendywoo20 Says:

    Just trying to catch up again. Great to be over here again, Lynda!
    I love that poem and his voice. In a way it sounds like the poems we wrote at school where we stuck to simple rhymes. Our teachers probably told us off and said they weren’t literary enough – little did they know that people like these ‘clever-simple’ rhyming poems!
    I’ll try and read your other posts later and maybe post myself.

    • Great Wendy! He does like rather Gothic though doesn’t he Lol I’ve got piles of unfinished poems on here – I keep saying I will finish them off. I’ve got one in particular you might like….It’s called Dark Queen – it just came out of the darkness somewhere πŸ™‚ Look forward to reading some of yours too Wendy!

      • wendywoo20 Says:

        I’d love to read Dark Queen. Is it on one of your blogs?
        I think most darker poems just shoot out unexpectedly, it’s hard to sit down in a calculated fashion and say ‘Now I am going to write something dark…..’

        • I think you are right about subject matter Wendy, it’s usually two lines in that it becomes apparent what the poems going to be about πŸ™‚ I’m torn about dark Queen, whether to do a video with the poem in or not? It will be on Bookstains. I had a go with narrating some of of my poems (with a microphone) but I truly cannot bear the sound of a recording of my own voice! I always think it’s too low (then too high)

          • wendywoo20 Says:

            Oh try it as a video, Lynda!
            I’ve listened to some people reading their poems on YT but I prefer reading the words myself. I spend too long listening to their accents and trying to work out what they are like as a person….and I end up missing the poem’s meaning!

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