Johnny Rhymes

A very short post today (day 5 in the blog everyday on bookstains challenge) and I make no apology for featuring another John Cooper Clarke poem.  He is one of my favorite poets and has featured in a few posts of mine. 

A little bit of Burnley

This one is called  ‘I don’t want to go to Burnley’ and the poet very cleverly rhymes Northern towns – sometimes with the most incongruous words (yes I’m talking to you Elsa Lanchaster!)  I went to Burnley for the first time the other week – and it was great by the way!  I certainly don’t think the poet meant any offence to the towns mentioned (at least I think he didn’t 😀 )

Elsa Lanchaster

Vidoe by  with thanks

Elsa Lanchester image from here

Burnley images taken last week

6 thoughts on “Johnny Rhymes

  1. Just trying to catch up again. Great to be over here again, Lynda!
    I love that poem and his voice. In a way it sounds like the poems we wrote at school where we stuck to simple rhymes. Our teachers probably told us off and said they weren’t literary enough – little did they know that people like these ‘clever-simple’ rhyming poems!
    I’ll try and read your other posts later and maybe post myself.

    1. Great Wendy! He does like rather Gothic though doesn’t he Lol I’ve got piles of unfinished poems on here – I keep saying I will finish them off. I’ve got one in particular you might like….It’s called Dark Queen – it just came out of the darkness somewhere 🙂 Look forward to reading some of yours too Wendy!

      1. I’d love to read Dark Queen. Is it on one of your blogs?
        I think most darker poems just shoot out unexpectedly, it’s hard to sit down in a calculated fashion and say ‘Now I am going to write something dark…..’

        1. I think you are right about subject matter Wendy, it’s usually two lines in that it becomes apparent what the poems going to be about 🙂 I’m torn about dark Queen, whether to do a video with the poem in or not? It will be on Bookstains. I had a go with narrating some of of my poems (with a microphone) but I truly cannot bear the sound of a recording of my own voice! I always think it’s too low (then too high)

          1. Oh try it as a video, Lynda!
            I’ve listened to some people reading their poems on YT but I prefer reading the words myself. I spend too long listening to their accents and trying to work out what they are like as a person….and I end up missing the poem’s meaning!

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