All Behind – and a personal challenge – Day one

You have heard the expression ‘getting ahead of yourself?’ Well I am getting all behind with myself – especially as far as my Bookstains blog is concerned.   I’ve been so busy with other stuff.  I have book reviews to post, films to mention and there’s a couple of new poetry challenges to be posted.  All these posts have been started – and lie in various states of incompletion.  I shall have to get myself more organised as  the future looks to be even busier.

One year I spent every day blogging for the entire year.  I still don’t know how I did it really.  That was on echostains, I have never tried that on Bookstains.  However, I intend to post a post on here each day for one week as a personal challenge to myself (and because I feel guilty for leaving it for a couple of weeks. 

I can’t promise an in-depth post every day, but I may even get round to finishing some posts that really need to be posted – that will be an achievement in itself for me.  So what you may expect? (though it’s probably more likely not to expect) book reviews;- Notebooks of a Naked Youth by Billy Childish, Grayson PerryPortrait of the artist as a young girl by Wendy Jones, among others. 

32 Brinkburn Street

Also 32 Brinkburn Street (a  period drama shown on TV) Dexter (also televised) and at least one poetry challenge.  Now lets see if I can deliver for one week 😉

Cartoon from here with thanks

Grayson Perry book image here

Brinkburn Street image here

Billy Childish book image here

2 thoughts on “All Behind – and a personal challenge – Day one

  1. That’s quite a challenge you have set yourself. The danger with blogging everyday is that you feel you must never stop! It can become addictive and quite exhausting, especially if you are producing new material yourself and not just blogging videos off YouTube!
    I’ll be interested in the blog about Perry. He gives me the creeps.

    1. I think it was part 2009 – 2010 when I did a blog every day for the year on echostains. I hardly featured videos then (didn’t know how to). Some of the posts are quite long, but what did happen is that my viewing figures shot through the roof 😀 I’ve wrote a bit of about Perry, but I want to do him justice so it needs more work. It all takes so much time now to blog but I’m not ready to give it up yet.

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