Goblins! Beware!

I remember being absolutely terrified by this poem when I was a child.  The poem is ‘The Goblin Market‘ and it was written 1859 by Christina Rossetti, sister to Pre Raphaelite Dante Gabriel Rossetti who illustrated it for her.  The descriptions of these Goblin men still give me the creeps to this day!  The poem is a long one and the warning is a wise one – beware of Goblin men :-0


Thanks to Stellanimation for this video,

5 thoughts on “Goblins! Beware!

  1. Ha! I love your comment about fearing this at a young age. My Grandaddy read poetry to me. This was one of them. Ahhh. I loved listening to him, but, I too, was frightened by this one. It seems so much of that era came with stories and lessons taught thru fear……

    1. And did we listen to these lessons? Didn’t we learn from them? Heheh not me – too busy hiding under the blankets 🙂 Childrens poetry and stories took a very grisly turn in those days – look at the Brothers Grimm! Children being beheaded, eaten up and being changed into creatures! Exciting though! 😀

      1. Hansel and Gretl bothers me to this day! Perhaps that is because my Aunt used to tell us she was going to put us in the oven and make “toasted tykes” of us if we misbehaved. I honestly believed, because of Hansel and Gretl, that adults were capable of this…….

        1. Yes, Hansel and Gretl – very frightening for young children! Especially fattening them up to put in an oven to bake them :-0 My mother used to say when we misbehavoured she would put us in a home with our ears pinned back! You can imagine the nightmares……. :-0

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