Learn with Allen Ginsberg (not to smoke)



Allen Ginsberg  was one of the original Beat poets who were in prominence in the 1950s.  I am celebrating 3 years of not smoking with one of his poems.  I shall be writing about Ginsberg and his contribution to poetry in a future post.  Meanwhile, please enjoy this (and don’t have nightmares).  If you want to know how I managed to stop smoking

2 thoughts on “Learn with Allen Ginsberg (not to smoke)

  1. dear lynda,

    thanks for featuring allen ginsberg, there is a film featuring his life story (which i forgot the title), and how his poetic prominence becomes influential to how the modern poems are being written today. i may be considered conservative but i admire the enormous talent that this man have. once again, thank you for your untiring efforts showcasing many great figures in arts and letters.

    1. I wouldn’t mind watching the Alan Ginsberg film Marvin! I looked it up and it’s called ‘Howl’ and Ginsberg is played by James Franco. I will be featuring some more Ginsberg here very soon and some of the other ‘angry young men’. thanks for reading Maarvin – appreciated!

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