Me and Me

I’ve had to deal with a few people quite close to me (but aren’t any more, for obvious reasons and self preservation) who suffer from NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder). This poem I wrote years ago doesn’t begin to cover it.

Me and Me

Got the V Cross to bear

I’m so politically aware

Wish my head was in that air my –

Just let me breathe!

Can we talk to ourselves or what?

I hear my voice going on and on again

Like James Taylor said ‘you’ve got a friend’

I answer all my questions as best I know how

I don’t fill in all the spaces with why or when or how?

Wouldn’t it be grand everyone talking to themselves

Everyone would have someone

There’d be no one on the shelves

How happy I could be – knowing me knowing me

Like attracts Like you know it plain for all to see

Phonebills would be a thing of the past

Just me and me alone at last

Knowing me – knowing me

It’s the best you can be.

Lynda M Roberts 2014

Image from Here

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