Poem ‘Sense Sojourn’

I wrote this poem as an experiment some time last year.  I thought it would be a challenge to put it into video format (and it was).  The programme I used had sound clips which I have used.  Each of the observation of these senses relate to trivial and not so trivial experiences that pertain to myself.

Images from here, here,  here and also from here, here and here

6 thoughts on “Poem ‘Sense Sojourn’

  1. Very cool literal and visual presentation. The ESP stanza is a very effective close that goes beyond the individual sensory passages. Love the overall poetic concept and multimedia effect! 🙂

  2. Thanks Adam! I’m quite enjoying playing about with these video making apps (I’ve only just found sound effects 😀 ) I’ve now started making little films with my new camera. No art or poetry ones yet…I’m getting my courage up for that 😀 I certainly haven’t got a voice or a face for radio 😀

  3. That’s fun, Lynda! How much vodka had you drunk before making the video!
    I enjoyed the poem and the sound effects fitted very cleverly. We expect the same every time!

    1. Yes, really enjoyed making this and got lots of ideas for others now 🙂 Bit disappointed that one of the effects didn’t come out when I put it on youtube. The poem is one I wrote ages ago (I have a habit of squirrelling away almost finished poems and when I’m stuck digging them out and finishing them)
      The one I’m working on at the moment doesn’t have the sound effect I need so I will probably include music……and have to be careful it doesn’t overwhelm the poem. Great fun! Glad you enjoyed it Jessica 😀

  4. Nicely done.
    I liked the sounds effect especially when the fish plate came on. ha ha.
    Was it a computer game soundtrack.
    It’s good to see people experimenting and i think you pulled this off rather well

    1. Thanks K, The sounds were just from the sounds library that came with the free programme. I’ve tried music with these poems but its so hard to get it just right without the poem becoming a more like a song. Still trying though 🙂 Thanks for your encouragement – appreciated!

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