Dear Reader – I read them

what I’m reading at the moment

I really must catch up with reviews of all the books and films I have seen!  The list is long, and although I do find myself taking notes (on the films) there never seems to be enough time to write it all down.  So, in a nutshell here’s a pile of books which I have read this year alone and which I SHALL review!

The English Ghost by Peter Ackroyd

The Diary of a Nobody by George and Weedon Grossman

Murderous Manchester by John J Eddieston

Shirley by Charlotte Bronte

The Hireling by L.P. Hartley

Grayson PerryPortrait of the artist as a young girl by Wendy Jones

The Shrouded Wall by Susan Howatch

Lancashire – Where Women die of Love by Charles Nevin

My Fault by Billy Childish (reading at the moment)

Some of these books aren’t finished though and I can’t review them until they are.  Somewhere, I have acquired the habit of starting one book then after a few chapters, acquiring another book which I also start.  Depending on which book is the most interesting – well, that’s the book will get finished at the time. 


 When I am in between any new books being bought, then these unfinished books will come out.  The difficulty in the continuation of reading them lies in my memory of what they were about in the first place!  What I mean is that although I can remember what the book is about, to actually get engaged or immersed in the book means retracing my steps and starting yet again, at the beginning!  There are several books this has happened to (Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel is one of them)  The list above shows  just a few of the books I have read lately and some of these are re reads.

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4 thoughts on “Dear Reader – I read them

  1. I like Peter Ackroyd and the title The English Ghost is irresistible…hope to read how you like it!

    I plan to read Shirley…someday. Again, I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on it.

    I’m currently up to my ears in unfinished books, but hope to exercise discipline soon and finish some before I start others, again.

  2. Jane, the English Ghost book is a real departure from Ackroyds usual format (these are short stories). I will do a review of this when I get time…. I think the trick is to review these books straight away instead of leaving it a while (a big mistake of mine)though I have started making notes now.
    Meanwhile, I have actually finished one of the books I’ve been reading ‘My Fault’ by Billy Childish and am determined to crack on with ‘Shirley’ (more clergy – I get the distinct impression that Charlotte was NOT impressed with them 😀 )
    Sadly I am miles and miles behind with my book reviews 😦

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