Poetry Challenge ‘The Hepworth Echo’

This challenge could prove to be a real challenge as it takes an  abstract form of sculpture as its source of  inspiration.  But what are thoughts – if not abstractions?   and where does inspiration come from anyway?  The challenge is to write a poem or Haiku about what I have entitled ‘The Hepworth Echo’ – using your own creative voice as the echo.  You can use any of Hepworths pierced sculptures pictures as a prompt (there are many) or just write about what you think the above pierced sculpture is trying to convey.  This could be a message from the past, a prediction for the future, what you think lies within the space or even what you think the artist or the actual sculpture is saying.  The poem can be serious, humourous, short or lengthy.  If you are stuck for inspiration or don’t know much about Hepworth and her sculpture, just go over to my Echostains blog and have a look at these posts;-

Happy Birthday Barbara Hepworth!

A Cornish garden of hidden delights – the Barbara Hepworth Museum Cornwall

Please note;-

The idea behind the challenges is to publicise Bookstains  is as well as having creative fun, so therefore it is imperative that the poet link to Bookstains to further the challenge.

 In return the poem is copied to the challenges particular page which is open indeffinitely and the poets own website mentioned with a link and the poem critiqued on not only Bookstains but also on the poets own blog or website.

 If you wouldn’t put the poem on your own blog, please don’t send it to mine and expect me to promote it.  This is a genuine challenge – so please play fair:-

Original image from here 

Our first contribution is a Haiku from Steve (Heed not Steve) whose blog is full of poetry, amusing musings and other goodies awaiting your delight!

breezy hammock
swaying to hula strains –
coconut dreams


© Steve Mitchell 2011


The next Haiku is by Jessica from Jessica’s Japes, a lovely blog which includes poetry and prose – very lively, please look!

Lonely voice forlorn

Eternal repetition;

Narcissus drooping


© Jessica D’Angelo 2011

Our next contribution is a Haiku from Hames 1977.  His blog is full of the most profound and original poetry.  once read you will soon be hooked on this poet who I rate as one of the finest.  Please look 🙂

Outside looking in.

Thoughts pierce something unspoken-

silence taking shape

© Hames 1977

Next we have a fantastic poem by Adam Dustus – you really must check out his blog – and One Stop Poetry

The Serpent Coil

Fetal positioned squinting eyes
Beginning life shock—that burning light
Swaddled in newspaper sterility
Spinning backward, sleet rain, movie reels flipping
Maddening sway, she shifts her hips
Fool me blush and licking lips
In totem stockings run from pain
This living through
Your bit insane   

Metallic tasting molars
Tin foiled, tempered stealing
Collide in scope stains as
Color wheels spinning
Through imagined laughter of Goethe
Inspiration from Whitman
Lucky to be alive
Once again

Crawling clumsily through nothingness
Past streaming years, recalling anger, swallowed tears
Among the branded tracks & spineless backs
Wrenched in clutching sadness, shading leaves
Serpentine madness, mineral evergreen
Quivering half-bent upon bathroom floor
Eying grime, filth clings to belly
When the walls cave your heart
Unmoved, mind stirring
Forgetting all that past as learning
This lowly love
When song born again

Apple stands, seedless core
Black almond shaped smoker’s trache
Peeling back the serpent coil
Piano wire fangs puncture
Harp string strung out desire
Reddened to appeal, bon appétit
Search to feel when incomplete
These corrosives kill
Through core of earth
Our sphere surreal
Until dusk from birth

©Adam Dustus 2011

I love seeing how diverse and how  original and imaginative we all are!  Here’s another wonderful take on the Hepworth echo – its from 47whitebuffalo.  You must check out her blog – it’s full of her original art, poetry, music and political issues and much more:-)

swift circular motion
same entrance exit
wounds clean inside out
bullets irony
human lives
coyote dies
life cycle echo

©47whitebuffalo 2011

I am really loving this challenge!  So many individualistic and original poems!  Here’s another take on the Hepworth Echo – and its yet another a fab one:-)  It’s by gospelwriter whose blog Turtle Memoirs is a poetical delight – please be sure to visit 🙂

Heart of Harmony

oh if these strings
were flexible, alive and finely-tuned
I could play you an air
melt your gut,
echo eternal overtones of heart,
a melody heard fleetingly in youth,
now long neglected in pursuit
of fickle tangibles

what would you?
be wished away for what they think you’re worth,
or alive again, for what they knew you were?

©gospelwriter 2011

I have just recieved another wonderful poem for this challenge from Eelco Bruinsma who has a wonderful cultural blog called Thoughts and Things  –  well worth looking at1

” It might be mathematical
… Highly unlikely

It could be psychological
… But only slightly

Turned upon itself, like a suicidal wasp
A blind soothsayer, injecting its venom
With the strings of its harp right through its exoskeleton.


The messenger has killed himself.

But then …

It surely must be mythological
… quite rightly.

Certainly not!

Since it clearly derives
From Greek Tragedy
It is tragedy enshrined
In an endless cabinet
Not a chest, but a chestnut,
White on the inside, wooden on the outside,
Like, …

By God almighty!

It’s a coffin!

The organic form,
The Apollinic nut,
The finish, the refinement,
The Sybillic enigmatic sign,

It’s a string-bearer,
A bearer of Truth and Falsity,
A proposition

It’s sheer logic,
… occurring only nightly. “

©Eelco Bruinsma 2011

25 thoughts on “Poetry Challenge ‘The Hepworth Echo’

  1. Had an odd response come to mind with this. It seems I’ve read too much news coverage of AZ insanity this morning and seeing this ‘hole’ made me think of bullets entering and leaving bodies. Hmm…weird sort of echo association, isn’t it? Information stimulus mixing not so well with abstract art…. Rather unsettling. Either I’ll figure out how to use it or–I’ll have to leave it alone. Hi. Hope you’re feeling better by the time you read this.

    1. Thanks 47whitebuffalo! interesting association you have there, how about writing a Haiku or poem about this? Bullets and vulnerabilty… I see the connection there

      1. So do I, Lynda. At the moment though it’s unsettling. I’ll see if I can come up with something ‘appropriate’. Hope my brain waves don’t go with the flow that Dickens did, and continues, to go in my imagination. Weird rut to get stuck in. Odd how our minds latch onto certain things and refuse to let go.

    1. Great! I like how you have made a connection between the womb like shape, a lullaby (well, the Hoola goes from side to side) and the rocking movement! These abstract shapes are open to a lot of interpretation – and thats whats so much fun! Thanks for taking part Steve – appreciated!

  2. Okay, here’s mine, it’s a haiku too.
    I exploited the word ‘echo’ as I wasn’t so inspired by stones with holes in! I linked it to the Greek myth of Echo and Narcissus. But hey, if you look at the sculpture the right side does seem to bend up and over, like a drooping Narcissus and the hole is Echo’s reverberating voice – kind of…
    Well I tried, Lynda.

    1. I think its great! From Steve’s lullaby to the myth of Echo and Narcissus! This is what the challenges are all about – using creative imagination 🙂 I love the echo effect and the droop you mention Jessica and can see where you’re coming from there! Thanks for your contribution – appreciated!
      I must have a go myself! Your’s and Steve’s Haiku’s have really inspired me!

    1. Thanks Marvin! you have made this sculpture almost talk! I also like the ‘piercing’ reference and the feeling that the sculpture is on the brink of revealing a great truth about itself – very abstract:-) Thanks for joining in this challenge – appreciated!

  3. Hi Lynda. I’m certain I’ve said this before: absolutely love taking part in these challenges, and do apologize for stopping by late to this poetry party. Some great challenge responses here——enjoyed reading each one of them. I just posted mine:
    The Serpent Coil
    Cheers, dustus

    1. And what a great poem it is Adam!

      “Piano wire fangs puncture
      Harp string strung out desire
      Reddened to appeal, bon appétit
      Search to feel when incomplete….”

      The alure of the snake as it charms its prey has a hypnotising quality 🙂 I love the idea of the piano wire doubling as a harp! Great trap 😀

  4. Great! I like this piercing (like a bullet) Very clever to link this with the life circle and the echo 47whitebuffalo 🙂 Thanks for joining in – appreciated! Putting it on now 🙂

  5. Hhe it’s never too late to party on here gospelwriter! And what a wonderful poem it is too! I like the reflective quality, the looking back looking for a lost piece (which is usually still within us)
    I also like the question at the end….very thought provoking 🙂 Thanks!

  6. Hi Lynda, I discovered your challenge on one of the fine pages of Hames1977’s blog. What a good idea! First I decided only to read all these creative poems, but then I couldn’t resist. I started out with a haiku, but soon the thing started to fill my head and I thought that these reflexions might have some poetic merit too. I hope it meets your standard. Here is the link


    (Great blog by the way.)


    1. Thanks Eeelco! It’s my pleasure to add this fabulous poem 🙂
      Favorite lines include;-

      “Turned upon itself, like a suicidal wasp
      A blind soothsayer, injecting its venom
      With the strings of its harp right through its exoskeleton.”

      Absolutely brilliant! You have really paid homage to this sculpture with your thoughfulness and close observation and given it a very individualistic and original twist! Thanks 🙂

      1. Hi Lynda, I’m glad you like the poem enough to place it here. As always I started to doubt, and was ready to retract the poem, but you were quicker 😉
        I think these challenges are a wonderful idea because it’s a good way to lure people out of their comfort zone, hence also the doubt. So thanks for taking this initiative.
        E. 🙂

  7. Thank YOU for taking part Eelco 🙂 I can identify with the doubt you feel – I deliberate over each of my own poems, worrying if they might offend someone. I never question if they are ‘good’ enough though – I refuse to apologise for my genuine expression heheh 😀 There are some poems I have written though which I’ll never post on here – because I know that they will offend someone 😀

    I try to make the challenges art based as this links really well with my other blog echostains – thus ensuring more publicity. I leave all the challenges open for further contributions 🙂

  8. dear lynda,

    how exciting to see that this poetry challenge is going strong! wow, thanks for another addition of prolifically original poem from eelco. i must say, that eelco possesses such a beautiful and wonderful mind of an inquisitive and culturally appropriate artist.

    and to you lynda, thank you for your great contribution to the propagation of conciousness for the arts. you have helped us open our eyes to appreciate art, more than ever. all the best to you. more poetry challenges to come.

    1. Thanks Marvin! Plenty of new challenges will be coming soon 🙂 All challenges remain open indefinitely. What fascinates me about the challenges is the very individualistic approaches to the art work. Each poet sees the piece in a completely different way to the next – producing unique poems. The Hepworth piece, I feel is probably the hardest as the form is very abstract – but I’m glad to see poets rising to the challenge – and with fantastic results! 🙂

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