Book Review ‘Wedlock, How Georgian Britain’s worse husband met his match’ by Wendy Moore

Just finished reading ‘Wedlock by Wendy Moore.  The rest of the title says it all really: ‘How Georgian Britain’s worse husband met his match’.  The lady in question was Mary Eleanor Bowes,  daughter of a very wealthy coal magnate who died when she was only 11.  Intelligent, confident, wealthy and quite nice looking, the young Mary Eleanor soon fell into a unhappy marriage with her first husband  Lord Strathmore which lasted 8 years until he died.  Exceedingly wealthy in her own right, she was once more beseiged by fortune hunting suiters.  But it was Irish soldier Andrew Robinson Stoney that charmed her whilst fighting a duel with her regular suiter Grey.  On Stoney’s deathbed, she promises to marry him.  However he wasn’t in fact on his ‘last legs’ as she thought and soon  made a miraculous recovery!  Too late, she had married him.  No sooner was the wedding over when her new husband showed his true colours.

Mary Eleanor when married to Lord Strathmore


Then the payback!  But you will have to read the book to find out how Mary Eleanor escaped this monster.  Her character is flawed of course, her weaknesses if they be weaknesses was  to be too trusting and too impetuous.  Her main weakness though, I feel, is that she is a very poor judge of character, where men are concerned.  But she turns out to be a heroinne in the end, and also the Great great ancestor of Elizabeth Bowes Lyons (The Queen Mother).  A true story with extensive research, which pays off!  Yes, I enjoyed this, though it was only when I got to the middle before the pace really started to hot up.  The pace then turned into a exhillarating gallop – very exciting!



Note:  This post  has been transferred from my art blog Echostains.  I shall be transferring my book, DVD and film reviews to this space.

3 thoughts on “Book Review ‘Wedlock, How Georgian Britain’s worse husband met his match’ by Wendy Moore

    1. It’s a great book bendedspoon:-) Her husband is so hateful – and she so brave. Women had no rights in Georgian Britain, they just became men’s property. This book does have a happy ending though 😀

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