Happy Birthday Dear Jane Austen!

Today is the 235th birthday of British writer Jane Austen b. 1775 -1817.  In her short lifetime Austen completed 6 books.  I have read all of them, and have to say that Pride and Prejudice is my very favorite (followed closely by Emma).  To celebrate her birthday see my Echostains which explores her portraits. Meanwhile over here at Bookstains,  here are two of my favorite clips, (though I have many)  of the BBC production of Pride and Prejudice starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. 

Having turned down Darcy’s marriage proposal, Lizzie and her relatives spend some time in Derbyshire and  in the vicinity of Darcy’s home Pemberley.  Hearing that the Master is away, Lizzie is exploring the home and grounds which she could have been hers, when she encounters – who else but Mr Darcy who has returned home unexpectedly!

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7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dear Jane Austen!

    1. No I haven’t. I’ve only been to Bath once and I LOVED it! My kind of city! The Roman Baths are amazing but having ‘taken the waters’ at the Pump room…well, I’ve never been the same again:-0
      Think wet dog/sheep dip, tepid with rusty Roman toe nail… It may contain all those minerals but it is definitely an aquired taste!
      I will certainly visit the centre when I visit again though!
      I absolutely cringe with Lizzie and Darcy at that scene! The embarrasstment from both is deliciously enjoyable somehow:-D

      1. I believe they have a Jane Austen Week each year where everyone dresses up in costume. I came across someone once online who was fanatical about making the clothes and attending. Sounds fun!

      2. I’ve heard of this (Jane Austen dressing)Jessica – it sounds great fun! Have you been on the republic of Pemberley? posters are encouraged to comment using quotes out of the book P and P:-)

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