I Dwell in Miss Havisham’s House



Miss Haversham

I was trying to get an expression of light and dark – life and death into this poem.  Miss Havisham (Great Expectations) pays the young Pip money to see him play with her ward, the beautiful Estella. Well aware that the young boy is in awe of the girl, she watches Estella, and gains satisfaction from the cruel way she has taught the girl to break hearts.  Miss Havisham, as she tells everyone, has no heart herself…..  Jilted at the altar when a young woman the old spinster sits in her dirty, dusty mouldering wedding dress.  No light is allowed to enter the rooms.  The wedding cake lies crumbling on the table – a home for mice.  Time has stood still.  This poem is written from an observant mouse’s point of view😄


I Dwell in Miss Havisham’s House

No light shall enter here

Nor candlelight find the dark recesses

I watch, as she obsesses upon her past.

No future, and no hopes,

Just deaths decay awaits

Her nearing fate among the festering icing.

The clocks like sentinals, stand

With stiffened hands that staunch the years

Of dried up tears and pain

Loves lost refrain

Lies broken – creaking,

Whilst I remain in shadows, watchful, sneaking.

Coins for childrens laughter

Chink in vain against her frozen heart

That beats apart from this life and the next.

But cruelty has its grip

On youthful yearnings,

Snuffing out the candles of hopes celebrations.

Her icy heart shall spend it last

As fiery blast consumes her bygone lace

And shadows chase across that mouldering room

And join deaths gloomy choir

As flaming tongues conspire

With  ancient lace to form the tinder

To  her pyre

©Lynda M Roberts 2010

image from here with thanks!

2 thoughts on “I Dwell in Miss Havisham’s House

  1. I wandered ovder here on a lazy Sunday morning via Artswebshow. I’ve always been drawn to Estella so found your poem interesting to read. I love the image of the coins and the frozen heart. I enjoyed my short stay here!

  2. And I’m very glad you did wander over here – and took the time to read the poems Jessica:-)
    It took Pip’s love and an unfortunate fire to thaw poor Estella, I ‘m afraid:-(
    Thanks for visiting and I hope you join in to the challenges – you’d be most welcome:-)

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