Poem: ‘Unenchanted Evening’

Black.  I’ve always liked black.  Black is the colour of the mysteries after all.      Gothic architecture, Gothic music, Gothic clothes – who wouldn’t?  Plus it’s getting close to Halloween – and I have to work when I should be partying!  However, I do LOVE colour – bright colours!  Turquise and pinks – bright colours uplift and make you feel happy, they can really raise your spirit and make you feel  glad to be alive.  I wrote this poem last year.  I don’t know why I’ve never published it on my blog until now. 

 Ara by the way is a meeting of Goths for an evening of Gothic metal.  it is held in a church and is not a religious meeting – just people listening to music and having a good time.  As you can imagine, being dressed in pink doesn’t really qualify for membership in this instance:-)

Unenchanted Evening

In town,

Going down

To the vodka bar,

Bar nothing

Two for one

We go on

to an evening

Leading to nowhere.

An invite comes

For an ara

Our pink tinged clothes

Can not compete

Bring your own ale

Pink or be pale

Been there – and jaded

not easily persuaded

Not me!

A dark scented hiss 

Which God doesn’t miss

As they hide

Where the sun don’t shine.

Lynda M Roberts ©2010

Gothic Wedding dress image from here

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3 thoughts on “Poem: ‘Unenchanted Evening’

  1. Not sure if my comment went through, and forgot to add… enjoyed your poem. “Been there – and jaded not easily persuaded.” You layer the short lines very well and the final line made me chuckle.

  2. Glad you enjoyed that Adam:) your comments are always appreciated:) I thought the poem appropriate for Halloween, though I wished it had been a little longer. ‘Where the sun don’t shine’ lol can’t think where that came from 😀

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