Poem – ‘In the quiet time’

I wrote this poem some time ago.  It’s part of a collection of poems that seem to deal with time, or to be more accurate’ between’ times – like waking and sleeping: reality/unreality, the  ‘middle’ bits, which  seem to be a reoccurring theme with me.  This poem is about nightmares and night terrors that seem so real – they stay with you affecting your day….. (if you let them)


In the Quiet Time 

It’s always in the quiet time

That throats are set a gasping

Grasping to decipher

The stifled scream

That flies unbidden


Into the cold charred heart of night


It’s always in the quiet time

That hearts are set a trembling

As unblinking paranoia rips its roots

And leaps up screaming –

Steaming into the yawning chasm of dawn


It’s always in the quiet time

The soul is fooled and waking

Lies quaking seeing shadows as its truth

Its darkness dripping,

Chipping into the bright morning light


Lynda M Roberts © 2010

 Henry Fuseli ‘The Nightmare’ from here

8 thoughts on “Poem – ‘In the quiet time’

  1. This is incredible! I love especially the use of end and start rhyme, which probably isn’t a real poetic term…”set a-gasping / grasping” makes my own throat have to gasp to reset itself for the unexpected reiteration, no time to draw a breath. I could go on and on about the alliteration, assonance, consonance…this is really splendid, spooky, illuminating, and so memorable. It’ll haunt me tonight!

  2. Thanks Abigail – appreciated! I could have probably gone on and on myself with this poem. I don’t know why but I mostly tend to stick to three verses. I like to look for unusual rhyming patterns:)…and I seem to be obsessed with small spaces – as you will see by another poem I am hoping to add lol:)

  3. “Steaming into the yawning chasm of dawn” Love that line! Your poem conjures many great images and the rhymes occurring at the end of lines and resuming in the beginning of the following lines are a nice touch; structurally fits the in-between time idea.

    1. Heheh I did wonder about that line Adam – glad I kept it in now 🙂 I really do like finding unusual rhyming patterns. I usually have a nebulous idea of what I want to say, write down certain lines – then lay the emphasis on which bits I want to rhyme, where about the actual stressed rhyme will be. Other times…it just happens spontaeneously :)not often enough though 😀
      Glad you enjoyed it Adam – thanks appreciated!
      I have an idea for another poetry challenge – hope you will join in – you contributions are always eagerly awaited and much appreciated:)

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