Freeflow Poetry ‘Reality?’

'Bearer' (mixed media) by Lynda M Roberts

 This is an experiment I did from The Artswebshow.  It was great fun!  What you do is tune in to the music and just type – let that poetry run free in a free-flowing way.  It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t rhyme (half of mine doesn’t, in fact you can see the self-consciousness in the first half where it does;))  Please try it – you will be surprised to see what happens!

Darkness lightness – going for the middle path

Searching, –  reaching  in the aftermath

The every why and wherefore

Halts and hesitated


Never mind the aftershock

Of the small I AM

Stony fields of upright spires

And tall decaying trees

Rivers of a doubtless time

Which never wipes its feet

Gravel paths to nowhere

A hothouse sanctuary

And breath to blow you porridge with

Escapes and races free


Hesitating –



© Lynda M Roberts 2010

10 thoughts on “Freeflow Poetry ‘Reality?’

    1. Thanks K! Yes this is where it happens (though not often enough). I’m cutting the blogging down to regular (not daily, having completed a year of it) and I will post more on this than I have done. Ideally, I would like each blog to inform the other (hence my little time travel buttons:) ) We will see…I have plans for both these blogs, when I get the time

    1. Thanks Leslie! Its nice to see you on here:) Why don’t you have a go with K’s Freeflow too – it’s great fun! (you could paint a pic perhaps to go with it)

  1. Yay! So glad you tried this, Lynda. First, the texture of “bearer” looks great.

    “Searching, – reaching in the aftermath / The every why and wherefore / Halts and hesitated / Gone”
    Fantastic and applicable to much more than the music. The ending emphasizes the personal nature of the experience, a lyrical self-revelation of being in time and place. Excellent.

    1. Great you like it Adam – it was great fun to do! Bearer was a (very mixed media) piece I did a while ago. If you look carefully there are vague references to knights (ghostly ones). Thanks for your kind comments – very appreciated:)

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