The empty Bookcase (nearly)

The journey is long behind me...
The journey is long behind me...


Well I finished my Flashback challenge a while ago, and I shall be writing about it (eventually).  I’ve read an assortment of books lately like ‘The worse Street in London’ by Fiona Rule (introduction by Peter Ackroyd) and the Dukan Diet by Dr pierre Dukan.  Talking of Ackroyd I have just bought Ackroyds ‘Hawksmoor’ and ‘Wolf Hall’ by Hilary Mantel, which I’ve been after for a while.  So looking forward to reading these.  I have run out of DVD’s again.  I recently bought ‘Return to Cranford’ and was bought  The Jane Austen Collection, containing Emma, Northanger Abbey and Mansfield Park – of course I watched them one after another (and I had seen them all separately before)  

Peter Ackroyd


I have read a few Ackroyd books Including his wonderful ‘London’, Dickens – Public life and Private Passion, Dan Leno and the Limehouse Golem.  I tried The House of Doctor Dee’ but couldn’t quite get into it. The same applied to the Clerkenwell Tales.  I feel that I am missing out a bit not being able to get into these books, so I shall have to persevere (at some point).   

poor Darcy - how he must feel it!


Oh and I must mention one book which I got for Christmas and keeps slipping my mind (even though I’ve read everything else and I haven’t bought anything new, – and that is Mr Darcy Vampyre by Amanda Grange.  The idea of Darcy as a vampire, – well, poor Darcy how could he endure it? living on the blood of mere mortals?

3 thoughts on “The empty Bookcase (nearly)

  1. I really enjoy Peter Ackroyd’s books–I am planning a reread of his Dickens bio, probably next year though–but I abandoned Clerkenwell Tales as hopelessly dull. Sounds like you shared the feeling!

    Wolf Hall is fantastic–planning on finishing it soon, maybe today, if I ever settle down to read.

    Funny comment on the plebian blood that poor Vampire Darcy must dine on 🙂

  2. Not started Wolf Hall yet Jane, just finished ‘Worst Street in London’ (about Spittlefields) and still on Hawksmoor – them it will be ‘Wolf Hall’. I have a feeling that its will be one of those books (like the Little Stranger’) that I shall have to devour all at once (not a dipper).
    Hubby keep asking why I haven’t read the Darcy Vampyre book yet…..:)

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