Haiku poetry ‘Sunsplashed’

Haiku is traditionally Japanese poetry consisting of three lines which do not rhyme . There are 5 moras (sounds/syllables in the 1st and 3rd line and 7 in the middle. Some refer to the subject matter as a small window providing a view of a larger screen. Haiku origins can be traced back to the 9th century.

The sun has come out. I’m whispering this in case it hears me and pops back in again.  It’s very temperamental and only makes fleeting appearances.  To celebrate it’s return to the dark North of England, I wrote this:-



Greetings this morning

Buttery stuttery sun!

Touching us with life.


Your golden smile shines

In unblinking cloudless skies

Waking our spirits


Dwarfed by your presence

Golden shimmering fingers

Wash us with their touch


Life’s light glows vivid

A grand illumination

Regal and truthful


Great and shadowless

Your light, miasma’s echo

Stands in silhouette.

  ©L. M. Roberts 2010

More about Haiku herehttps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haiku

4 thoughts on “Haiku poetry ‘Sunsplashed’

  1. Love your haikus, Lynda.

    “Life’s light glows vivid

    A grand illumination

    Regal and truthful”

    Well said. Fits the image perfectly. Enjoyed all the stanzas. Inspiring words with an energetic flair.

    1. I am really flattered to have this compliment dustus – and coming from a published accomplished author too 🙂 Your generous words of encouragement mean a lot – thank you most sincerely 🙂

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