Haiku, – ‘April – inity’

I thought I would do some Haiku for the month of April  Such a lot happens this month that it seemed a shame to miss the opportunity.  The first event of course is April Fools day, 1st April – so that should certainly be included.  Then there’s the Easter festival, derived from the Ancient fertility Goddess Eostre.  New life is the general message of this time. As well as the religious aspects there’s also the birth chicks, Easter eggs and  flowers (Sweet peas and daisies are associated with April).  We also have St George’s day on the 22nd of this month.  However, because this Haiku is going to be a trintiy – only three of the aforementioned were chosen:-

Court jester Gonella by Jean Fouquet

Greetings!  King of Fools

Tricking the Spring as he steps

Quickly – with bells on.



All hail the daybreak!

Yellow downy headed chick

On this clear morning


The Resurrection by Fra Angelico

Behold the dawning!

From death has life arisen

And we are joyful!


©L. M. Roberts 2010


Chick image from here

8 thoughts on “Haiku, – ‘April – inity’

  1. Thanks wordwand! (cool name by the way) I wasn’t too sure about that one – so I’m glad you liked it. Thanks for visiting and commenting – its appreciated!

  2. A Haiku Homage to “the cruelest month.” Enjoyed all the lines and imagery. All three pieces begin with energetic openings. My favorite line of all three is “Tricking the Spring as he steps” clever.

  3. The cruelest month is right dustus! It was sunshining before – now its trying to snow! Thanks for the kind words – they are very much appreciated and encouraging! I was going to try to insert St George in there at one point – lots I wanted to put in, but glad I settled for the ‘inity’ now!

  4. You bring up a good point Elizabeth, and something I have wondered about. Can anyone come up with an award to give to people? and can anyone run a competition? What I mean, does it have to be recognised by wordpress? If so, I’d love to do it!
    Thanks for an interesting idea Elizabeth!

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