Poem: Acrostic alphabet -ish


Inspired by Dustus’s Acrostic poem about his little neice (here), I thought I would have an attempt at this.  Not being able to decide what I wanted the first letters of the lines to spell, I thought it may be fun to use all the letters of the alphabet. 

Well, I wouldn’t call it ‘fun’ exactly – more of a challenge really….   The biggest hurdle came as you may expect at the end.  I had created four line verses, and of course the alphabet having 26 letters…..  well that left me with two superflous lines.  

 Ps. I have also cheated with X which didn’t mark any spot spelling wise (now why didn’t I use this!!!)  Anyway here it comes:-


A lily lay dead

Blighted and sodden

Crocus’s bled and

Daffodils trodden


Evening’s last glow

Falling down lightly

Glistening snow is

Hissing politely


Inky black fingers

Jabbing, unseeing

Kill all that lingers

Leaches all being


Meandering streams

Neferious meetings

Opiate dreams

Partake solomn greetings


Quivering earth

Rustles of gladness

Shrieking new birth

Threatening sadness


Unclothed and waiting

Verdant and trusting

Wry hesitating

Xuberant – thrusting


Yawning and aching

Zed marks the end

Ive used all the letters

Was  forced to extend!


©L. M. Roberts 2010 

5 thoughts on “Poem: Acrostic alphabet -ish

  1. Awe. That was marvelous! The imagery and musicality of the lines are so good. Inspiring. I’m humbled and will never forget this 🙂

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